Word of the Year & Why you need one

Word of the Year & Why you need one

SEE YA LATER 2018!! Many of us are NOT sorry to see you gone! I’m so happy though for anyone who had a great 2018 but let’s be real and say that for many of us it was a more difficult year.

My family felt the sting of not one job lost but two! 

First year home problems (thanks for the $1600 electrical bill)

Loads of medical stress (VERY thankful that I still have my tonsils)

 However though 2019 is the last teen year and even though being 19 is a weird suspended year for many of us, this 2019 is going to be different! At least for everyone that determines to be so. 

This year, we’re ditching resolutions and embracing a Word of the Year, WOTY.

Background on WOTY

Maybe you’ve heard of WOTY before but did you know that it’s been coined since 1990? You can read more on the history here.

Anyways, we’ve had a word for the year for a very long time and while it usually comes out at the end of the year as a way to sum up the year.

Why not choose a word at the beginning for the year to live up to?

WOTY over a Resolution

What is a resolution? We hear it at the beginning of every year! But what does it actually mean to have a resolution? 

Well it’s a decision to do something or not to do something.

Seems pretty reasonable but it causes a lot more anxiety than I think we realize! According to Forbes, only 8% of Americans will actually stick to their resolutions for the year. That is a LOW stat! And for 13 years, I’ve been apart of that 92% that failed. However this year, I wanted it to be different. This is actually the first year that I chose to have a WOTY rather than a resolution.

What does it mean to have a word of the year? 

Well it’s kind of like have a resolution but instead of focusing on one thing that you attempted to change, you take a word and apply it to every aspect of your life. 

How is a word of the year better than a resolution? 

Well, let’s not get hasty and say that resolutions are bad! I’m just saying that resolutions come be very unhealthy. Because resolutions can be very negative and soul draining where as WOTY can actually help you gain more from your life.

So there ya have it, resolutions take from your year and WOTY’s give more to your year.

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Why I chose a Word of the Year

Resolutions have never been my strongest point. Usually, I’m good for a few weeks and then I make a mistake and just never get back on track. Sound familiar?

Like I said before, I want this year to be different! And since resolutions carry a negative vibe and I want to make decisions that will be healthy for myself. I decided to partake in the WOTY. 

To make sure that I add more to my life than I cut away is important to me. 

Also, people put too much pressure on their resolutions and when it doesn’t work out right away (even though failure is NORMAL) people give up and take it out on themselves. 

Providing another reason to pile onto a “hate myself party” (it’s not easy and I’ve been there!) 

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My Word of the Year:


Means to lift up, raise up, promote, improve morally.

And that is what I want from this year! To lift up my family, raise up my faith, promote my business, and improve my words. Elevate! I don’t want to be stagnant anymore! I’ve felt that the last few years, that I haven’t been living my life to it’s fullest potential but not anymore!

Goals for my WOTY 

Alright, I’ll admit that it is difficult and too broad to simply say, “let’s elevate everything!” So I put together a list specifically showcasing what I’m going to work on with my word of the year in mind. 

·     My faith

I know that God has some big stuff planned for my life and around the blog and I want to make sure that my faith is ready to accept what He has planned.

·     My relationship with Dustin

This will never be something that he and I work on! The moment that we stop working on it is the moment that we’re over. Since he and I have decided that we’re lifers, we always have work to do in our relationship. 

·     Blog business

I want this business to be successful and it can only be that way if I make it so! Especially since the only way that it can go is UP!

·     My journey to self love and health

I have always been on the backburner but I’m learning that in order to have other things in life go the way I want, then I have to make sure that I’m healthy enough to pursue them!

·     My words, thoughts, and actions

Part of the reason that I keep to myself in groups is because I overthink what I’m going to say even if I have something to say, I always feel that no one will want to hear what I have to say. So instead, I want to elevate my words to carry more meaning so that whoever NEEDS to hear me, will. 

·     Standards

This way that whatever I allow to enter my life will be held to a higher standard in order to enrich my life and add to my joy.

Why you need a WOTY

When your year get’s difficult, your WOTY can help you find the best way to work through it. You might need a daily reminder to continually work at making your life live up to your expectations. It’s a great way to improve yourself without having the looming threat of a potential failed resolution.  

How to choose a word

  • Is there a word that immediately comes to mind? 

This might be your word! I’ve often found that I usually know the answer to a question that I ask myself because it jumps up from my subconcesious. If, this is the case for you, write down the word and follow the last two steps. 

  • What do you want to gain this year?

As you could tell from why I chose my word, I want something specific to manifest from this year’s hard work. What do you wish to have? More fun? A better sense of self? More patience? To see more of the goodness of this world?

  • How much work are you willing to put into living up to your WOTY? 

I think we can agree that some things are going to take more dedication than other things. For example, patience is much harder than fun! I mean whoever said that having fun was hard?? 

After asking yourself these questions, 

  • Meditate on your word

No, you don’t have to sit for an hour in silence pondering your word but I do suggest that you let it sit on your conscious for an evening or two. Take it seriously! The more dedicated you are to your word, the more it will have an effect on your year!

  • Don’t overthink it

I am the worst at this! Most people who suffer from anxiety are but the more the think about it, the more you’ll keep second guessing yourself and keep changing your mind! You might even give up on the whole thing entirely. 

Settle your mind, hon! It’ll be okay!

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How to Implement your WOTY

It is not enough to simply choose a WOTY and just assume that what we want to happen will simply become. None of us are that lucky! 

Which means that we have to work at what we do in order to have what we want. Here are a few ways to always keep your WOTY on your mind so that you can see it come to fruition. 


 I’ve set my word up around my house in areas that I spend most of my time, such as my office, kitchen, car, and my personal bathroom. 

Intergrading my word into my affirmations:

 I’ve added just a couple new phrases to my routine. Just simple ones like, “Elevate your thoughts to remind you that you are enough”, “Elevate your standards. You don’t deserve anything less”, “Don’t be afraid to elevate your trust in God. He’s got your back” If you want to read more on affirmations, go here


Keeping myself accountable by asking my self this question all the time, are my current actions living up to my word? If not, how should I change my actions to accommodate my word? 

These are pretty simple yet effective steps. The most important thing is to simply have your word at the forefront of your mind to keep yourself on track to remember your word. 


Okay, so here are a bunch of great words that you can use for your WOTY or at least maybe inspire you to find your word.

  1. Adventure
  2. Abundance
  3. Acceptance
  4. Balance
  5. Bold
  6. Bliss 
  7. Caring
  8. Connection
  9. Capable
  10. Conquer
  11. Challenge
  12. Diligence 
  13. Dedication
  14. Elevate
  15. Embrace
  16. Full
  17. Fearless
  18. Fun
  19. Family
  20. Focus
  21. Faith 
  22. Giving
  23. Gracious
  24. Grace
  25. Growth
  26. Hopeful
  27. Ignite
  28. Integrity
  29. Intentional 
  30. Joyous
  31. Love
  32. Life
  33. Mindful
  34. Patience
  35. Present
  36. Quiet 
  37. Rest
  38. Rise 
  39. Rebirth
  40. Reflection
  41. Strength
  42. Slow
  43. Simple
  44. Self
  45. Surrender
  46. Safe
  47. Thrive
  48. Triumphant 
  49. Thankful
  50. Trust

These are all super actionable words! And of course, I added my own! If you choose mine, let me know!! We can twinsies! 

You’ve Made it to the END

If you’ve made down here to the end, then give yourself a pat on the back!! You’re one of my heros of the day! 

I know that we covered a lot so here is a little overview to take away,

  • WOTY over Resolutions
  • My word, ELEVATE
  • The Why of WOTY
  • The How of WOTY
  • The Implement of WOTY
  • All sorts of words that could potentially be your word

In all seriousness though, I’m super excited for my word, ELEVATE. Ready to put it into action everyday!

Let me know in the comments what your WOTY is and how you’re going to make it count for your year!

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how to choose your word of the year and how to best to use it


Word of the year instead of a new years resolution

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