5 Reasons to why you should Subscribe to a blog


Why is it important to hit subscribe to a blog! 


I know, it’s super annoying sometimes to see those pop ups SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE and then two scrolls SUBSCRIBE and then again at the bottom…SUBSCRIBE!

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Before you get too upset about though talk a minute to think about first why bloggers insist upon it so much and why it’s a good idea for you to actually hit the button.


First, it’s a way for them to connect with you on a more personal note compared to an Instagram post where we’re trying to communicate on a larger scale.


Second, again bloggers care about you and what better way to reach their audience than with a little thank you through email? How many different bloggers have sent out something a little special to just their subscribers? Trust me, we’re not in to gain something but to express our appreciation.


Next, is assurance you won’t miss a post. Once you’ve hit that button then you know that you’re never going to miss another post.


Finally, it won’t get lost in the jumble. Before you’ve hit the subscribe button but know that you’ll like to keep reading what the blogger discusses. How do you keep track of what’s new to come out? How many times have you missed a post? I’m sounding like a cheesy car salesman haha but really! I tried to keep up between Instagram and Pinterest, found that it was rather exhausting and gave up. Does that sound familiar? Hit subscribe and it becomes a lot easier. For one thing it goes to the same place (uh, your email) you won’t lose it, and you can come back and read it whenever you can without having to look that hard for it.


There ya have it, 4 excellent reasons for why you should subscribe but one of the biggest things is that it’s community. Bloggers love their readers! That’s the biggest reason why they put that button there. We want to connect and learn more about you and in turn become a part of your life. Offering support! So support back and give some love =)

reasons to subscribe to a blog

P.s. don’t forget to subscribe 😉

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