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A weekly skincare routine? Who needs that? Um, you! Me! Everyone! Masking, exfoliating, treatments, tools…there’s so many! Am I right?? I feel like there’s always new stuff popping up and how are you supposed to keep track of all of them?? Well a great way, (and I do this too!) is to have a weekly routine! 

Not only will this help you keep track of which skincare you’re using and making sure that you aren’t over doing any one thing. It is also a great thing for your skin and here’s why.

Why even bother with a routine

Humans work better with routines. 

Routines build patterns within our bodies and minds that help us stay on track! Whether it’s with a bad habit or a healthy one! A new habit is formed from routine in just 21 days! Which is another reason to build a routine. Sometimes I think we do something for a few days and when we don’t see any results, we quit. A routine in place helps combat that!

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Along with a daily routine, a weekly routine is a huge preventative measure! I think we can all agree that it’s easier to prevent a problem than it is to treat the problem.

Not only that but it’s also a huge cost effective measure! 

I mean it’s way cheaper to simply buy the $20 moisturizer and sunscreen than the $200 laser treatments for the dark marks, right?? Well of course I’m right! 

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Current Weekly Routine

Now this routine is in addition to our normal daily routine so don’t forget all the other steps as well! 

I usually run a Monday through Sunday kind of routine but I know that not everyone follows that same of schedule. So I’ll simply label these days 1-7 and you can choose your own start day! 

Day 1 – Exfoliate/brightening mask 

Day 2 – Cupping 

Day 3 – problem treatment/rolling 

Day 4 – Cupping/Clarifying mask 

Day 5 – Moisturize/rolling 

Day 6 – rest day

Day 7 – Steam facial 

Before we go on I would like to point out that I am not a lichened esthetician. I am not a skincare expert but I am someone who has been practicing skincare since I was 15 and I’m simplying sharing with you what works best for me and what I hope can work well for you! 

Here’s a little goodie time! You can get access to a free printable weekly skincare template. You can follow along with mine or choose your own blank template! Simply subscribe to my blog newsletter and their yours!

Some things to keep in mind

I’ve found creating my own routine to be super fun but there some things that you want to keep in mind when making yours!

These are things that should always be a constant for our skin! 


We will always need to exfoliate our skin! There’s no if’s and’s or but’s about it! The reason that we need  to do this is because we need to get rid of those dead skin cells that are just hanging about.

If you don’t; you will see more clogged pores, uneven skin, and our skin simply won’t absorb any of the products as well as it could.


There is more and more research coming out that says, when skin doesn’t receive enough moisture it will age faster and irreversibly. Mona, a dermatoligst from Yale, says that your skin is like a grape. You can help a wrinkly grape but you can’t fix a raisin. This is what happens when your skin doesn’t get consistent moisture! YIKES!!

What happens when you don’t moisturize your skin besides aging like a raisin!

You’ll notice more red splotches, irritation, and Little hint…don’t just moisturize your face but make sure you give it to your whole body! Your face isn’t the only part of you that ages! 

Eye masks

The skin around our eyes are insanely delicate and one of the places that people notice aging. This is why it’s so important to make sure that a couple times a week, we give our eyes extra special attention.

The skin around your eyes loses moisture and nutrients faster than other parts of the body. 

So however you set up your weekly skincare routine be sure to include those three habits! 

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Tools to include in your Routine

You probably notice that I included rolling and cupping into my routine but as I’m getting older, I’m realizing that certain things must be added to help give my skin a little bit more help! 

Facial Rollers

I love rolling and honestly will probably be something that I include it into my everyday routine.

Rollers, whether you use jade or rose quatz have some awesome qualities that span the board! 

For one, rolling helps ensure that you’re getting the most out of your product because all of the product will transfer onto your hands.

Another thing, rolling helps get your blood pumping which in turns  helps keep your skin youthful.

When you use your roller when it’s been chilled can also help de-puff your gorg face! 

Facial Cupping

Cupping is an amazing!! It can be a scary thought to do since it can leave bruises when used incorrectly! But I’ve been cupping since December and it is amaze balls!! 

Cupping should be added to your weekly skincare routine for so many reasons. 

  1. It helps detoxify
  2. Strengthen facial tissues
  3. Ease facial tension 
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The Cheapest part of any Skincare Routine

I always make sure that I give my face a steam once a week! Steam is an amazing way to give yourself a touch of luxurly during the week.

  • It adds moisture to your skin.
  • It promotes collagen and elastin.
  • It’s incredibly soothing.
  • Aids in decongestion.

Plus, it’s so easy to do at home! Essentially one of the cheapest and effective thing you can do for your skin at home!! 

Simply take some boiling water (very carefully!!) pour the water into a bowl, take a towl and drape it over your head, lower your head to be over the steam coming from the bowl for 10-15 minutes and voila! A crazy good and easy way to take care of your skin!! 

What do you think?? Do you find this helpful?? Leave me a comment below about which part of this weekly skincare routine is your favorite part! 

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