Two ways to boost productivity

Is there a better way to be productive? Have you ever heard of batch working? Or how about block scheduling? Do you keep looking at your to-do list and slightly becoming ill? Want to enjoy a more stress-free way to accomplish all of your goals? Man, I sound like some sort of sleazy salesman…but I asked myself these questions blogging productivityafter I couldn’t stand my to-do list anymore! It was driving me crazy! Plus I felt that I had no sense of direction. I would bounce from one task to another never feeling like I had truly left my heart in it.

That’s when I started doing some research and found two methods that have seems to be helping lots of other bloggers!

Those two things are batch working and block scheduling! (Bet ya didn’t see that coming!)

I ditched my to-do lists which seemed to always grow bigger and never shrunk and switched over to batch working instead plus combining that with block scheduling, my productivity is SSSSOOOO much better!

Alright so let’s start with block schedule!

What is a block schedule?

It’s where you set a blocked time such as an hour dedicated to one thing! You take a board task such as photo taking or working on new pins and work on it in a timely manner.

Why block schedule?

It’s so much easier to stay focused on your task at hand instead of worrying about the rest of your to-do list. With your headspace freed up to think about just one topic, the brainstorming comes much easier! Also, once that hour or whatever specified amount of time is up then that task doesn’t need to be thought of again! Or at least until the next day or so. This last point has been my biggest reason for why I picked up batch working. I used to half finish one task, start another, and then I’d lie there in my bed thinking about the unfinished tasks! Haunting me!

How I schedule my batches

Now I guess this is the spot where I put my foot in my mouth and say that I did tell a little lie earlier about the to-do list. I do keep a to-do list but my to-do list consists of monthly and weekly items. This way I know what needs to be prioritized and how to plan out my week.

For example, I know that this week I have to write three posts, manage tailwind, take pictures, and do some website management. Along with most of the normal stuff such as emails, managing pins, and topic storming.

Here’s how it’ll go down since I still work full time I mostly work a couple hours a day and then smash out a lot on weekends:

  • Sunday- one hour to figure out what needs to be done within the week taking a glance at the overall month checking to make sure no deadlines are missed. One hour to fine tune my weekly to-do list and assigning tasks to days
  • Monday- one hour to schedule pins and one hour to draft a post

And I mean I think that you get the idea, haha On a side note, I’m thinking about posting my current blogging schedule…leave me a comment below if you would like that!

blogging productivity tips

Cons to batch working

Now I’ve been batch working for the last month or so and I’ve seen no cons! I love to work this way and it’s been very beneficial to my productivity. However, if you are more of a serious type A person than this type of working might not be for you. If you need to plan out every minute and see a task started and completed in the first sitting then this type of work isn’t for you.

Next up is batch working!

What is batch work?

It’s where you work on one thing but that one thing can account for like three weeks worth of stuff! Such as working on blog topics, taking pictures, creating pins etc.

Why batch work?

The best thing is that you can get a lot done on one item! my favorite part is that if you’re running behind and forgot to write a new post or take some pictures, chances are that you’ll have something waiting in the wing as a placeholder! Plus if you’re like me then I usually get hit with some inspiration for whatever I’m working on and I hate stopping in the middle of that.

How do you batch work?

It’s super easy! Pick your task and how long you have to work on it and go to town! I usually just go crazy, not worrying about editing just yet just letting the creative juices flowing!

blogging productivity tips

In the end, this just is that if you need a better way to get all of your work done, please give this a try! Quit stressing over a minute list and start stressing over an entire block of time. Just kidding! I personally love block scheduling so much that it’s moved over to the other parts of my life especially in my cleaning routine, haha If you have a way that helps you get all of your work done then please let me know!

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blogging productivity tips

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