Three Summer Go-tos

Skin summer productsSummer is almost at an end! I t always feels like it’s here and we blink and it’s fall again or for some places fall just skips your town altogether! And its winter! Blah Lol With summer coming and going so fast. We all need products that will be trustworthy and get the job done! The products discussed are for a quick out the door routine and very little makeup. Summer is so fast, who wants to feel all cakey?


These products are lightweight and so easy to apply! Firstly, I always use a light moisturizer. For some reason my skin just does not really agree with the sun and hot weather and I feel like I dry up like a prune! I reach for L’Oreals Hydra Genius and I actually got this one sale! One of the best things! This product is so great because

1. It’s lightweight

2. A little goes a long way, seriously! I’ve had this product for a few months and not even half of it is gone!

3. It’s mattifying so you’ll always look fresh and clean!

Boreal hydra genuis

Plus, it has aloe vera which helps reduce inflammation and acne. Hyaluronic acid which helps keep collagen from leaving the skin thus being anti-agin! 


Now you know that I’m not gonna step out of the house without some sunscreen! Dermatoligists always suggest wearing sunscreen year round for long term benefits to protect against premature aging, skin cancer, blotchiness and even help prevent acne. Neutrogena makes some amazing sunscreens for a reasonable price and in the past I’ve used their Dry Touch 30 spf but this season I wanted to try something that would apply just a little bit easier. Not saying that the other one isn’t good! I just wanted something that wasn’t as thick.

This year I tried Neutorgena Hydro boost and I gotta give it two thumbs up!! It’s a gel sunscreen that goes on really smooth. I love that it also has properties to keep my skin hydrated. The only thing is that sometimes it does leave my skin a little oily but nothing that some blotting papers can’t fix! Here’s a few that I really think here, here and hereNapkins from Starbucks also work really good!

Neutrogena hydro boost sunscreen


Lastly, I can’t leave the house without a little mascara! Feel me?? I love mascara so much because it’s just that little something that gives my eyes that definition. I don’t wear a lot of make up but mascara has always been in my skincare bag! This summer I wanted something that would plum up my lashes and keep em nice and dark! Soap and glory thick and fast mascara with collagen is what ended up in my bag of goodies. I bought this specifically cause I saw that it had collagen in it and I’ve been reading on how good it is for you and not just your skin so I had to try it. The formula is actually really nice and goes on easily but I will say that I need 2 to 3 coats to feel like I actually had product on. I will say that once on that is where it stayed! No flaking and never did I find it to have clumped together on my lashes. Now I’ve read that collagen is really good for not only giving hair or lashes volume but also to condition and nourish. I can’t say that I noticed a difference in my lashes after using this product for a couple months but it didn’t make them any worse! Little disappointing but still a good product!

thick and fast mascara

This go-to was what I put on during the night and does not reflect what my night routine. It worked really well for me because I always felt that my skin was taken care of.

Leave me a comment on what were your summer go-tos were! And why you loved them so much!



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