17 things that make me happy + a confession

happiness and confession

Just a little list of stuff that makes me happy and a not so small confession

  1. A cup of coffee in the morning
  2. Snuggles with my pitbull every morning, she’s actually very persistent about it lol
  3. Getting a new book or three…usually three haha anybody else??
  4. New bookmarks =)
  5. The amazing smell of books
  6. Watching stupid videos like those that you find on Ridiculousness 
  7. Having a battle with my brother about who can make the other laugh more
  8. Trying new beers with my boyfriend who after three and a half years actually got me to try beera confession and happiness
  9. Weddings =)
  10. Long baths, I’m pretty sure I was supposed to be born part fish
  11. Hanging in the kitchen while other people cook
  12. The smell of rain
  13. Watching anybody else get excited about a book 
  14. Stupid cheesy pick up lines
  15. Driving out intentionally trying to get stuck in the snow
  16. Singing at the top of my lungs for no reason and usually by myself
  17. Game night with the fam

To be honest when I decided that I was going to write this post about so many things that make me happy I was struck by how difficult it is to find things that make me happy when I’m by myself.


Being around other people makes it easier to keep the mask on and to the push all the things that you’re dealing with down. What happens when you’re by myself? I know for me the masks come off and I’m left staring at someone who I’m not happy with. 

I think that the hardest part about learning to love yourself is loving yourself when no one else is around and you can’t fool yourself. 

That’s where the journey comes in, right? It’s not going to be easy but it’s worth it because you and I are worth it.

Happiness and a confession

I just wanted to make it a point that I’m real with you guys. This post honestly isn’t easy for me to write. I’ve never been good at discussing my feelings or what goes on inside my head to others or to myself. It’s usually just better easier to lock it down inside. 

I’m going to make it a point to focus more on bringing in the positivity when I’m alone and I’ll start with a journal. Anytime that I notice something small brining a smile to my face it’s going down on pad and paper! You in? Shoot me an email and we’ll figure it together

I want to know what makes you happy when you’re all by yourself! Tell me about it! Leave a comment or just shoot me an email 🙂


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