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If you’ve ever been on Pinterest then you’ve probably seen a pin or two where someone talks about how much joy they get from blogging or even that they make tons and tons of money. Am I right?? Um, yes because I’ve seen many of those too!! The truth is though that blogging IS amazing!! And not just for reasons of trying to make some money but because it’s good for the blogger!

reasons to blog

If you’ve been on the fence about starting a blog then read on and see these reasons to persuade you to create your own blog!

Now below are nonbusiness reasons

1. It’s a creative outlet – it doesn’t matter if you love writing or taking pictures or web design. Heck! You don’t even have to be GOOD at it! Just give yourself the freedom to do what you like!

2. A wonderful way to meet new people – Speaks for itself!

3. Accountability factor – Once you have followers than it becomes about more than you and they just become one more reason why!

4. Almost completely free way to spread your message – Starting a blog can be free or almost! Most hosts don’t even 3 dollars a month!

5. Ability to create a community that’s supportive – There are so many people out there that love to be on your side! Once they see how much you care for them as well.

6. Ability to perfect your passion – Sitting there writing about your craft all the time? It’s bound to spread to your passion!

7. Purpose provided – So many people after blogging for a time find that they don’t want to stop because it gives so much joy and a purpose by spreading their knowledge or experiences.

reasons to blog

Now onto the business side of it

1. Be your boss

2. Financial freedom

3. Freedom with your time

4. Makes a great side hustle

5. Very little startup cost

6. Anywhere becomes your office!!

7. No limit to how much you can earn

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These are just a few reasons why I encourage someone to start their own blog! Trust me and take the plunge! Just make sure you set a little bit of time to work on it 😉

reasons to blog

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