Practice self-care: How to start your own routine

practice self-care routine | how to create a self-care routine | self-care for women

I read something the other day that has really been affecting me, it was from a different post (That I can’t find again, of course!) and it was talking about investments, not just in business but also in us. We have to invest in ourselves. Which is what I mean when I say practice self-care; it’s investing in you!

 Maybe you’ve heard it as filling your cup but I see it more as a necessity to building your best life. 

It takes work and it does not always come naturally but it does come with determination. 

Self-care is about doing what is necessary but not always convenient or fun. Like cleaning the house, working out, or healthy eating. 

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When you regularly practice self-care, it leads to so many good things! Like I said before, building a life that you WANT to live! Gaining self-confidence and getting to know oneself better! Knowing and standing on ones own two feet and morals. 

Figuring out to best practice self-care though can be a little tricky so I’ve included my morning, evening, Sunday, and emergency routines to give you a little inspiration. Also be sure to read to the end where I’ve included tons of tips to build your own self-care routine! 

practice self-care | self-care routine | how to practice self-care

Morning routine 

Wake up earlier than you usually do, I like to wake up 2 hours before I need to start working. This gives me enough time to practice my self-care routine and get my morning routine finished. 

–       Enjoy something warm. Usually I start with coffee but the last couple weeks (Thanks to being sick, bleh!) I’ve been having warm water with lemon and then coffee a little later on (Because I mean, its COFFEE!! I have a slight addiction problem, okay? LOL) and if you’re a tea drinker that’s cool too!!

–       Don’t look at the phone for an hour after waking up. 

–       Read for at least 15 min

–       Have prayer and devotion time for at least 15 min

–       Do a HIIT workout usually for about 20 min

–       Make a protein packed breakfast

–       Spend a few moments with my family (Dustin and my fur-babiesJ 

That’s the end of my self-care routine! Then I’ll move onto getting ready for my workday. 

–       Make my bed

–       Shower

–       Morning skincare routine

  • Toner
    • Moisturizer
    • Eye cream
    • Sunscreen
    • Primer

–       Makeup routine

  • CC cream
    • Concealer
    • Brows
    • Mascara

Stay tuned! I’m doing a what’s in my makeup bag hence why I didn’t link any of the products I’m using 😉 be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it!

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–       Get dressed (Full disclosure! I wish that I could be one of those people who can pre-plan outfits but I can’t!! I’m working on a plan to make getting dressed in the morning easier. I’ll keep ya posted!)

–       Do hair

  • Make your hair grow leave in hair condition
  • Pantene heat protectant
  • Trésumé volumizing mousse

–       DONE!!

I feel totally prepared for the day! Anything that can come my way!

Going through my day, working, cleaning, dinner, and we come to the evening portion of my self-care routine. 

practice self-care routine | how to create a self-care routine | self-care for women

Evening routine

–       Put phone away at least an hour before going to bed

–       Spend at least 30 min quality time with my main man

–       Evening skincare routine

  • Remove makeup
    • Wash face
    • Toner – Korean skin method
    • Acne treatment if needed
    • Facial oil with rollers every other day
    • Night cream
    • Eye cream 
    • Overnight face mask once a week

–       Read at least one chapter from whatever book I’m reading

–       Set alarms for next day if needed

–       Say a quick prayer and settle in to sleep

I know that it’s not the best for me but I CANNOT sleep without having some kind of noise in the back usually like a sitcom or a movie that’s not jam packed full of action and definitely no comedy specials lol I’ll stay up all night laughing my butt off. While the light from the TV does bother me, I’ve been using my phone’s app of Netflix and play it with the screen side down. This way I still get to my white noise but the light isn’t driving me crazy!

Sunday self-care routine

Lastly, my Sunday routine! Bear in mind that this is my ideal routine and sometimes LIFE HAPPENS and it doesn’t always happen but when it does! Oh boy! It’s magical! LOL

Do your best to utilize Sunday as a time to de-stress and recharge before plunging head first into your week. It’s also important to use your Sunday as a time to prepare for the upcoming week.  

–       Wake up on my own usually no later than 8

–       Un-plug for the day

It’s so important to do this!

  • You need to be present for your own life! You can’t keep looking at how others are presenting their lives. Remember that comparison is HUGE thief of joy. 
  • Being present is when you’ll start to make your own memories. You’ll gain more appreciation for your life and learn how to be more social. 

–       We set our phones in a different part of the house, usually just in the bedroom. 

–       Do some sort of exercise. Since, it’s becoming a little warmer, we’ll go for a walk together which is great for some quality time! I’ll also do a yoga session on my own (I try to get in at least one session a week because of all the good benefits yoga offers!)

–       Cook an intentional breakfast. This means that we go more in depth than cereal or toast with a little bit of bacon and eat it together at the dinner table.  

–       Plan the upcoming week. This is a great time for meal planning, activities, outfits, etc.

–       Clean the house. I’ll do a sweep through, all left over dishes, clean windows, and any picking up that needs to be done. 

–       Spa time. This is where I’ll take a little time to pamper myself with a bath and an in-depth skincare routine. 

–       Limited TV time (this way we’re forced to be with each other LOL

–       Read. This is the most time during the week that I get to read and I crave it! I can’t go on for days and days without reading because I would go insane!

–       Reflect on the previous week. What were you proud of? How was productivity? Your attitude? How are some ways that you can actively improve on the upcoming week to live your best life?

–       Continue enjoying some quality time with my man by usually watching a movie. 

–       Cook a great dinner.

–       Recite some affirmations before getting ready for bed.

–       Go to bed feeling satisfied. 

Emergency self-care routine

These are some quick and go-to steps to take when you’re feeling overwhelmed and a little lost. 

At home:

–       Take a hot bath. The warm water is perfect for soothing away troubles. 

–       Read a book; jam out to some music, put on the most distracting movie, anything to get you out of your own head for a bit. 

–       Have a calming drink like warm water with lemon, tea, or my fav, hot chocolate

–       Clean. I feel so much better when I’m doing something constructive. And the busier my hands are the better!

–       Just have a cry for a few minutes. It’s okay to release the feels babe!


–       Rub essential oils such as rosemary, frankincense, lavender, or chamomile onto inside of wrists, back of neck, or temples

–       Turn on the recorder on your phone and just go to town for a few minutes.

–       Say no. It’s okay if you’ve gotten overwhelmed while out and about and you just need a second to stop. Say no and take a few minutes to yourself.

–       Incorporate breathing exercises. Deep breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth or a yoga breathe, this helps you to slow your heart rate down and collect your thoughts

–       Recite affirmations (How many times have you heard me say that one??)they work! 

Just a few simple and easy ways to administer self-care in a pinch! 

So you’ve gotten to take a look inside my own personal routines for self-care and a little bit of life now it’s onto your own routine! 

How to practice self-care different ideas for self care self care ideas self care routines

How to create your own self-care routine: 

Carve out time for practicing self-care. 

Only you know what will work well with your schedule. Will it make more sense to practice self-care in the morning, afternoon, or just on the weekend? 

Make it a priority. 

This is the biggest part of creating a self-care routine is to make sure that you stick to it and give it priority. I talk about this all the time I feel like but if you don’t give it priority then not only will it not stick but also no one else will respect it.

Deciding what works for you. 

Reading is a massive part of my self-care routine but it doesn’t work well for everyone and I know that! Just as I’m sure something that will work for you won’t work for someone else.

Practice different things.

Don’t be afraid to practice something different if something doesn’t work anymore. (This is a great time to implement my 45 different ideas!)

Give it time. 

Don’t expect everything to change over night. That’s not how this whole life thing works! It’s gonna take time, effort, and consistency. Don’t give up though! All good things come in time. 

To summarize:

You got a look into what my personal and current routines for morning, evening, and Sunday! Plus some emergency ways to practice self-care on the fly! And how to build your own self-care routine! Now if you need some ideas to go with that routine. Sign up for my newsletter and I will send you 45 ideas plus tips for living your best life and blogging. If you’re into that kind of thing 😉 

All the best, 


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  1. March 5, 2019 / 8:42 pm

    Wow girl! You are soooo detailed! ONE DAY I will be able to put these methods into practice. I work 2 jobs AND just started this blog….. I’m lucky if I get 5hrs of sleep! 😂😁 BUT after reading this I’m definitely going to try to implement this into my life. I mean seriously, just reading it had me more relaxed! Great post! Got to follow you & pin this! Thanks again!

    • TLMblog131
      March 6, 2019 / 4:31 pm

      Thank you so much, Vee!! I’m so happy you liked it! It sounds like you need some self-care for sure! A blog is hard enough without having 2 jobs on top of it!

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