How my Pinterest views grew 1,000% overnight

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It’s a great thing when you wake up and think that it’s going to be an ordinary day, you go downstairs and think that you’re going to open up your computer and see the same results and then BAM!!!! You get to see those little graphs (we all love to hate em, right???) fly off the page! I personally never thought that I would get to see something like that. I mean a little growth over time is awesome but not exactly jump off the couch worthy, ya know?

BUT I stand here first hand to tell you that it is POSSIBLE!! Just look at these results!

growing Pinterest views

So this graph is showing from November 1st to November 12th and as you can see there is a huge spike in views. This is literally when all the hard work that I had been doing took off and my views jumped up a THOUSAND percent!! I gotta tell ya that I stood there waiting to be pinched because my views went from under a thousand to over nine thousand! How crazy is that!! I just gotta say that God is so good! I dreamed that I could reach that many people but never actually that it would happen.

Alright, sappy stuff over! Let’s get to why your here…you want to know how I did it right?? Well, wait no mo! I’ll tell you that there are about 7 things I changed that I believe led to this spike in views.

First let me tell you that it was not an overnight thing, the hard work I mean. Sorry to tell you but there is not a single magical thing that can be done to change your results. It is just banked on hard work and perseverance! 

2 Weeks

That’s how long it took to see change with my Pinterest views. I began making changes on October 31st and then almost two weeks later I saw this huge change! Let me make something else clear 2 weeks is just how long it took for me to see change but it is not how long I was willing to wait.

I told myself that any new changes I made, I would see through at least a month before changing anything. Results just happened way sooner than I thought.

So let me reiterate that while results came overnight, the hard work that it takes for results takes time! You have to be patient and I suggest that you keep a journal of what you’re changing and the results that you get, but be sure to keep a timeline in mind! It’s easy to get discouraged after 3 days of working really hard with nothing to show for it but your tears.

Pinterest viewer growth

Manual Pinning

Alright now onto the good stuff! I started adding manual pinning to my everyday routine. I have heard from several people that Pinterest “rewards” you for being on their site and pinning to boards by hand. So I wrote out a schedule including how many pins I wanted to pin every day and how often I wanted to be on Pinterest. I believe that spreading it out between the hours of the day is a great thing! It shows Pinterest that you are engaged with the site and other users. I scheduled 5 different times throughout the day starting in the morning and ending in the early afternoon, more on that schedule later! 😉

Increased Pins

I changed how many pins I pinned in a day from 20 to about 80. This leads back to showing engagement and being trustworthy. Pinterest started to recognize that I was not just there to self-promote and not trying to be spammy with my own pins. Also, a large repin shows other pinners that you’re not just there for personal gain and this can lead to being accepted to more group boards! Win, win.

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Better keywords

Ever heard of SEO? It’s search engine optimization and guess what? Pinterest is a search engine! Anytime I’m looking for a recipe, outfit, DIY, or advice, I start on Pinterest. Therefore, if you want your pins to be seen, you have to treat them like an index and an index has keywords. That’s why in your pin description, add relevant keywords that you think someone would search to bring up your pin. For example, if your pinning a post on dinner that will be easy and delicious, put that in the box! Don’t just let the first paragraph of your post show up! Change it to show viewers that this will be a delicious chicken dinner with easy prep time that leads to your toddler loving it!

Now if someone were to search for an easy meal for kids, your pin will pop up! See how easy that is!

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Okay now get all squirrelly on me! Yes, I said earlier that I switched to manual pinning but that doesn’t mean that I don’t use a scheduler or that there’s no place for a scheduler! Earlier in my post, I said that I only manually pin until the early afternoon and that is because after that I let Tailwind take over so I can focus on other tasks and take the evening off! Plus there are these things called Tailwind tribes which is another community that you can schedule pins too! Maximize every pin you can!

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New content

Now I think that we all know that new content is great! I mean how many of us have seen the same pin like 100 times?? Well, Pinterest loves new content too! When I changed my strategy, I knew that I needed to add more new pins so every day I went to Canva and created a new pin for one of my already published posts. Not only did my Pinterest views increase but so has my blog views! Double win-win!


Now I honestly have no idea if this is truly helpful but I started pinning 80% of other people’s content and 20% of my own! Again I don’t know if this is the best method but it is the one that I’ve stuck with for the last two weeks and I’ll continue with it at least until December! I have seen other’s say that they pin 20% of others and 80% of their own while others say 70% of others and 30% of their own and even just 50/50! What I’m saying is that I don’t think that there is a right or wrong way on this one just whatever works best for you! I have found that it’s easier to keep track of how many pins I need for the day divided up between other pins and my own when I can focus more on other pins than my own because I don’t currently have a vast sea of pins.

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Like I said before, I scheduled myself certain times of the day for being on Pinterest and pinning. I hop on for about ten minutes every couple of hours and I do this hoping that Pinterest would notice my engagement and “reward” me. I was going off of what Tailwind does by scheduling at intervals instead of just busting out a bunch of pins in an hour or so. Again this leads back to engagement and Pinterest rewards those who are on their site!

These are all pieces of advice that I got from other bloggers to include in my Pinterest strategies but if I had to pick just a couple, I would definitely say that pinning more and adding new pins were crucial to getting more views!

I do plan on continuing this pattern for the rest of the month before modifying any techniques. Now, how about you!! Have any Pinterest success stories? I’d love to hear about it! Have any different thoughts on what to do for Pinterest?

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