Why you should have passion about loving yourself

Do you ever wake up and make the decision to change your life starting with yourself? Though a few days or maybe a few weeks later the desire dies down? And you’re left at the same place or even feeling worse than before?passion self love

It’s so easy to feel passion and drive those first few moments before something else seems to get in the way and suddenly then the excuses pile on right? That’s where passion comes in. Everyone who ever achieved something did it because of a driving force. Passion can be like white hot influence that will fizzle out but when you keep feeding it then nothing can stop what your trying to accomplish! Now here’s why you need to feed the passion to love yourself:


The first and maybe most obvious reason is that you’ll reach your goal right? Haha you started because you wanted to change something for yourself. So reach for it!

passion self love

You are SO worth it! I don’t know about everyone but for myself when I find myself trying to improve myself and something gets in the way. I then start talking down to myself and just so negative with myself. It’s sad! Don’t let that happen to you. You are worth it and don’t forget it!


All aspects of your life will benefit. You ever hear that expression my cup runneth over from Psalm 23:5? After you start loving yourself that love just flows out into everything else. You become a better person, christian, friend, spouse/signifigant other, sibling, parent…I think you get the idea haha


Remember you derserve love! Receive it and give it! Shoot me an email and we’ll talk about it! Do you have any tips on being a journey to love yourself? Leave a comment below!



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passion about self love

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