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  • How to deal with anxiety

    How to deal with anxiety
  • Face cupping | Benefits and how-to

    Face cupping | Benefits and how-to
  • How to deal with waiting

    How to deal with waiting
  • Monthly Blogging Tasks

    Monthly Blogging Tasks

Two ways to boost productivity

Is there a better way to be productive? Have you ever heard of batch working? Or how about block scheduling? Do you keep looking at your to-do list and slightly becoming ill? Want to enjoy…

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August Blogging Report 2018

Well, we made it! August just flew by! I knew it would though for some reason it always seems to which is fine so long as September can linger on for a while! Where I…

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How the love of Christ is like a bath

You read that right haha I’m comparing a bath in a tub to the love of Christ. Why? Because last night I was having a very tough time and you know the kind I mean,…

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3 ways to keep skin hydrated

  Why is it so important to have hydrated skin? Well, let me tell you! Gotta keep your skin hydrated Hydrated skin is going to protect against UV radiation better due to Hyaluronic Acid which…

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17 things that make me happy + a confession

Just a little list of stuff that makes me happy and a not so small confession A cup of coffee in the morning Snuggles with my pitbull every morning, she’s actually very persistent about it…

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