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  • How to deal with anxiety

    How to deal with anxiety
  • Face cupping | Benefits and how-to

    Face cupping | Benefits and how-to
  • How to deal with waiting

    How to deal with waiting
  • Monthly Blogging Tasks

    Monthly Blogging Tasks

How To Start Saving Money

**Disclaimer There are affiliate links throughout this post. This means that if you click on them, I might recieve a small commission. This helps keeps this blog running and I PROMISE to never tell you about something if I don’t 100% believe in it and use it myself. 65% of Americans have no money is savings and only 1 in 3 persons have money set aside for retirement.  That is a scary thought! I mean money makes the world go round,…

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Word of the Year & Why you need one

SEE YA LATER 2018!! Many of us are NOT sorry to see you gone! I’m so happy though for anyone who had a great 2018 but let’s be real and say that for many of…

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How can you improve your productivity?

  Ever sitting with your computer open, thinking “I’m going to get SSSSOOOO much done only to find yourself distracted by something and three hours have gone by with like ZERO work done?? Yeah, me…

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December 2018 Report

This post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you click on one of them, I might receive a small commission which helps keep TLMblog up and running. Don’t worry though I only ever…

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Being grateful + a five day​ challenge

Being grateful? It’s sounds like it should be a simple thing, doesn’t it? I mean we get asked what we’re thankful for and it comes pretty naturally. “I’m thankful for my family, a roof over…

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