Overnight masks for sensitive skin

skincare for sensitive skin | overnight masks

overnight masks sensitive skin skincare

What is the easiest part of a skincare routine? Masks! More specifically overnight masks! 

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I love overnight masks! It’s so great to just lay back and let something do the work while you sleep! I usually have a mask once or twice a week. Overnight masks are awesome because they’re really good at locking in moisture that your skin would usually lose overnight!

Overnight masks are a great solution for anyone who is suffering from something that requires a lot of attention! Acne, uneven texture, dry skin, or fine lines, or if medications are affecting your skin, or weather changes…all right anytime is a great time to overnight mask! I have these 5 that I turn to all the time!

One of my absolute favorites is this one by formula 10.0.6! 

Keep your cool mask

Find it here!

It is great for irritated skin! Anytime I use it, my skin in the morning is so much better! My redness is down and my nose isn’t flaky like it can get. I also get bad cheek zits (so painful!) and this stuff really calms em down! They aren’t completely gone but they’re less red and usually gone in a couple of days. It’s great for all skin types and really good for sensitive skin!

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This one that I’ve been using for a couple of months whenever I notice my skin needs some brightening! 

H20 waterbright color correcting mask

Find it here!

It sits nicely on the skin and smells great! This mask gives a nice glow to my skin as well as is really hydrating! It’s also really good for fine lines or dark spots. I don’t have too many of those (thank goodness!) but I notice that it helps my texture a great deal too!

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Bliss what a melon

Image result for What a Melon™ Reviving & De-stressing Overnight Mask


This mask is great for pulling out those toxins in your skin and enhancing your skin to help fight against pollution and stress. I love it because it is so calming! The smell just helps melt away my stress with watermelon…it’s odd but works! This is always great if you want more of a dewy look in the morning. I don’t love that part but my skin always feels great!

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This bad boy

The Hydra boost hydrating overnight mask

Get it now!

I love just about anything from the Neutrogena Hydro boost line and when I got this mask on sale, I was over the moon!

I just love the texture of this whole line! It’s not too heavy but you can just feel it penetrating deep into your pores. This mask is perfect for those deep winter nights that just drain your body! It’s super hydrating!


Pixi nourshing sleep mask

Image result for pixi nourishing mask

Need it? Yes!

I love this mask because it’s hydrating preventative care. It’s good for filling your skin up with acids that strengthen your skin as well as vitamins to help your skin regenerate! I just love that it’s so smooth and rich. Not to mention the great smell!

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All of these masks are good for sensitive skin. I have pretty sensitive skin myself so I’m usually pretty picky about what I put on my face. Try anyone of them and let me know what you think and while your at it, look at this post! It goes over some really good ways to take care of your skin. 

overnight masks for sensitive skin

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