What you need to know about affirmations

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Affirmation: Defined as the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed.

Affirm: Defined as a state of fact; assert strongly and publicly.

I’m sure that you’ve seen all sorts of posts and pins about affirmations and how good they are for your self-care but what are affirmations?

Like what are these people talking about??

Well from the definitions above it seems to me that it’s two folds. Affirmations are facts that we must put into action and express it!

When people are talking about speaking affirmations they are talking about speaking strong and genuine expression over yourself!

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Why you should speak affirmations

Talking to yourself does seem really silly but studies show that talking a lot to yourself is good for you! From this link, here!

It’s proven that talking to yourself improves focus on the task and helps gets the job done faster!

When you’re working on loving yourself, it’s important to focus! It’s super easy to get distracted and push yourself to the back burner again and again.

Maybe you’re dealing with self-hate. Whichever, self hate or self love, the one you focus on more is the one that will run your heart. I’ve dealt with hating myself for a very long time. I haven’t mastered loving myself but focusing on loving myself makes those bad days fewer.

By focusing on loving yourself, your not really giving yourself the option to find the time to hate yourself. It does have to be a concisions choice though to be sure. It won’t come over night and it won’t be easy but remember that you deserve it! 

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How to speak your affirmations

It is important to speak to yourself not with “I” language.

It sounds silly because who else are you talking to except yourself! Only crazy people talk to themselves in the third person! But it’s shown from that same link that when affirmations are spoken using “you” language or your name helps elevate stress and has powerful regulating effects

It helps us separate ourselves from ourselves and almost dupes us into thinking of ourselves as a separate person.

This helps me a crazy amount because I’m always willing to be there for other people. It’s so hard for me to put myself first even though it’s super important, but when I’m fighting for something else then I put my whole heart into it.

How bout you? Do you ever feel like it’s easier to fight for someone else than for yourself? Take this opportunity to give yourself permission to put YOU first! 


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What affirmations should you say?

So we’ve talked about what affirmations are, how you should tell them to yourself out loud and now what do you say to yourself?

This is a great time for Pinterest to come into play!

Literally get on Pinterest and search for affirmations, find five favorites and use those!

What kind should you try and find? I usually find that the ones I’m drawn to the most are the ones that I need the most! To be strong, kind, and to see the beauty that God created.

It might be different for you depending on what your struggling with, but once you have found those five then you must put it into action! Like in the definition, it must be stated strongly! It can be weird just jumping in and start talking to yourself but start by taking those five things, write them out onto pieces of paper at least three times. Once that it is done then take your pieces and place them around you in places that you’ll be sure to see them!

If you need help finding places to put them, mine are my placed on my bathroom mirror, car visor, and inspiration board. Once you see them, say them out loud! Say them to yourselves but like your saying them to your best friend, which means to say them with love and conviction.

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You might not start believing them right off the bat but after consistent practice you will notice a difference! There are so many benefits that come along with affirmations and self-love is only one of them!

Have you used affirmations before?? How long have you been using them? I’d love to hear what your experiences are! 

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