Monthly Blogging Tasks

Monthly Blogging Tasks

3rd day! Here we go!! Monthly blogging tasks =)

If you’re new here and haven’t been following along the last couple of days then welcome to a mini-series on blogging tasks.

For the last couple days, i’ve been showing you what I do every day, week, and month to make my blog run smooth and successfully.

Sunday, we went over daily tasks everything that mostly involves content creation from blog writing, photo editing, and Pinterest.

Monday, was all about the little weekly tasks that make my everyday run so much smoother! These are the tasks that if done everyday would drive me crazy! Things like social media management, site up keep, and so on.

Today is all about the monthly do-tos! These are some of my favorites but they simply don’t require as much attention as the other stuff does. Monthly blogging tasks are tasks that I like to be able to tackle in one day and just get them all done so I can focus on other aspects of the blog.

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Deep dive in Google Analytics

This is the time that I take to track where I’m getting the bulk of my traffic and what are my most popular posts. I use this to be able to make a plan on what posts to create in the future, see if they are possible series in any of the posts, and what could be used on social media. This also gives me a chance to see what posts are falling to the wayside and I know to recreate pins and advertise for those ones more than the other ones.

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I also make a game plan to try and spruce up any of the other means of traffic to my blog! See how well my SEO is doing and track how long folks are staying on my site and make any adjustments for the future.

Roundup Blog post email

I know that not everyone from my list is gonna catch every email that I send about a new post up on the blog. This is why I’ll send out a mass email at the end of the month to give subscribers a chance to read any posts that they might have missed!


So when I plan my editorial calendar, I plan about 4-6 weeks in advance! Because I do it this way I plan one session where I can brain dump any thoughts on any potential posts for the future.

I don’t have a set way that I do this. Sometimes I’ll mind map, write lines and lines, talk a walk, or doodle!

I also always have a scrap piece of paper with me so that anytime a new post ideas comes up I can save it for later! I think actually paper because any memo I put on my phone just gets lost in the phone world! *FACEPALM*

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Fill in my editorial calendar

Speaking of blog posts! I schedule posts about 5 days apart. This gives me plenty of time to write, create graphics, and get a plan going for advertising the post. It helps A TON to have a blog post scheduled for a certain day. I’m scrambling trying to figure what to write about or how it’ll fit into my brand. I know what I need to research and that a lot of pressure off myself.

Look for new stock photos

I don’t know about you but sometimes I just don’t have the time, energy, or creativity to take new photos for all my blog posts! I wish I could and maybe one I will be able but as of right now It is just not in the cards. There a ton of great sites that have thousands of free pics for you to download and use for your content. I like to go through and find about 20 that will fit my brand and can be used for blog graphics, pins, and go on Instagram (if I’m in a pinch! I really try to keep my IG OG 😉 )

This is one of my faves =)

Clean out mail

I can’t stand working knowing that my email is bursting with unread emails! Emails that I will probably never read (SORRY!) or emails that I want to read but don’t have money to spend (I see you marketers!) or emails that I need to keep but don’t actually need to read! I take an hour or so and clean house! Deleting, sorting, and filing! I feel so much better afterwards and I can see my super clean inbox!

Check in with current affiliate managers

Once a month I like email all of the affiliate managers to make sure that my connections with them are doing good! Also, to see if there are any new strategies I can implement to help with conversions and ask about any sales or discount codes coming out.

Voila!! These really are some of my favorite tasks to work on aside from content creating, of course! Each packs a powerful effect!

Hope you liked this mini-series! Tell me which sets of tasks are your preferred and which are the ones that you just dread!

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All the best,


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  1. May 23, 2019 / 5:36 am

    I love the idea of regularly checking in with affiliate managers! That must make you regularly stand out as well 🙂

    • TLMblog131
      May 23, 2019 / 5:25 pm

      You are spot on Krista!

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