How the love of Christ is like a bath

You read that right haha I’m comparing a bath in a tub to the love of Christ.


Because last night I was having a very tough time and you know the kind I mean, the one that everything seems to wrong with only the littlest things! For example, my computer was being so slow!! In turn, I couldn’t get my work done for the site and I felt like a failure.

I felt like a failure!

Everything that anyone around me did to help me feel better was annoying because I didn’t deserve it.

I finally put myself in a corner so to speak by doing the dishes (my go-to when I’m upset is to clean lol anyone else??) and I took some deep breathes and my boyfriend suggested that I take a bath.

After some debate, I agreed and actually turned my phone off and grabbed a book telling myself that, this is about relaxing and in the morning everything will be fine. Taking two hours off of working won’t kill me or my work.

As I sat in the tub letting the water fill up I was struck suddenly by how the water felt around me. I was becoming weightless and with that feeling, I was letting go of everything that was weighing me down at the moment. I felt so warm and safe and that’s when it hit me! How those feelings and the actions of the water are so indicative of the love that Christ gives us.

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How is it like a bath

Hear me out because I know that this sounds kinda crazy. I mean who compares a bath to love?

The love of Christ is fluid, encompassing, and unending. It is just like that water in the tub.

While I was down, it lifted me and supported me.

While I was distant and cold, it surrounded and warmed me.

While I was loud and unnerving, it comforted and calmed me.

This is was what I’m comparing. Christ is always there to be my body of water if you will. He is understanding, kind, and loving. Not because I deserve it because trust me, I don’t I’m nothing special and have done nothing to deserve it.

Always in my hour of need no matter how dark he is there to remind of how great he is and in the most unique ways!

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Let’s compare a little more

Water making me weightless=Christ taking all of my burdens off my shoulders to support them himself

Water enclosing around me=Christ’s love is always surrounding me and it will never be moved

The water’s warmth=Christ’s gentle reminder that HE is always there

I know that it can be difficult to want to accept His love but it’s always there. He is awesome and to be frank I wouldn’t be alive if His hand didn’t surround me. I used to be a cutter and if that wasn’t an option then I would find other means to cause self-harm.

I haven’t always been mentally healthy and some days I’m still not. I get trapped in my head and degrade myself to an extreme. I deal with false imaging which is probably my biggest downfall. I’m not perfect but He loves me anyway.

I know that when most people think of God or Christians the first thing that comes to mind is an unloving entity that wants to enslave us all and be mean! And Christians are judgemental people that only want to break you down while profiting on your hopes.

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Is that true or false

Both of the above statements are false!!

God most of all! Yes, he is radical and that is evident in the bible when we read of some his vengeful acts. But he is radical for us. He created us for the sole purpose of love. He wants to love us and wants us to love him back. I’ll admit that there are some Christians that have lost the vision of what it means to be Christian but don’t fault God for that. Also, remember that not everyone is like that and the biggest thing of all is to remember that the only perfect one is Christ. WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES. We are not perfect but we are forgiven and accepted. 

He is everything we need. Have any questions?? Just hit me up! I’d love to answer them =)

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