7 Skin Method

Korean skin method

Have you heard of the Korean 7 skin method? In a nutshell, they practice toning 7 times in a row every night. *Wide eyes* Holy crap! When I first heard someone talking about how they were adopting the practice I totally didn’t believe it and I skipped over it thinking it was more of a scam and just a way to get you to use more product. Not okay with me but after I did a little more research, the skepticism can down a little and here’s what I learned and what I’ve experienced;

No, not actually 7 times

For starts, you don’t actually have to apply toner 7 times. Phew! Most start with 3-5 uses per use. I currently only use it three times. The first time I use a cotton pad and wipe it all over my face, second I put some into my palm and wipe it all over, and lastly I place some into my palm and pat it onto my face. 

Grab the right product

Grab a toner that is alcohol free! If you don’t then you’re opening yourself up to actually drying out your skin super bad! Right now I’m using Melaleuca clarifying toner, which is great for combo skin especially if you’re needing to smooth your skin but get rid of the clogged pores. This uses allantoin and soap nuts in particular to help. 

korean skin method

Press the pause button

Haha there is no point to applying this product if you’re going to just throw more product on top of it. Give your skin some time to absorb the product. I usually try to let my skin feel dry before applying another layer but at the very least 15 seconds is a safe bet. 

What should you expect after trying this method? Well everyone is different and some skin types might react differently so please do a test patch beforehand!

Excellent hydration

This occurred over a couple of weeks of using the method but it has definitely made a difference. Some have said that it’s the same as doing a quick sheet mask. Personally I think that it leaves my skin more susceptible to hydration so when I put on a serum or lotions, my skin just soaks it up!

More even skin tone

Now this I experienced practically overnight! It’s awesome! Not only have I had a more even tone but the redness of my face has decreased as well which is one of my biggest problem areas.


As the entire point of toning is to help keep our ph levels where we would like them to be, acne and signs of aging are put back in where they should be. Out of sight, out of mind! I will definitely be using this method for a long while!

7 skin method

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Have you ever tried this method or been thinking about trying it? Leave me a comment or message me how it works for you!

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