July Nighttime Routine

nighttime skincare plan

Skincare routine! Everyone has one in one way or another or at least I think that everyone should have one! Especially a nighttime routine!

Hello again everyone! Today is all about a skincare routine designed for nighttime! Filled with some of my favorite summer skin care products!

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What I love most about a nighttime routine is was it does for my brain lol it tells my brain and my body that the day is over and it’s almost time to come to a temporary rest. My next favorite thing is skincare! If you’re new to skin maintenance than check out my weekly skincare routine! And if you need a little more UMPH! Then check out these overnight masks that are great for sensitive skin!

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  1. Bliss makeup melt dual cleanser

I really like this stuff! It’s great at getting the makeup off and on nights that I’m feeling lazy, I can use this stuff to cleanse as well!

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  1. Melaleuca revitalizing clarifying toner

This is a great one because it formulated for oily/combination skin while it also has Carnosine, which is great for anti-aging! I also love this stuff for the 7 skin method because it’s doesn’t dry out my face!

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  1. Serums

Right now I have two different ones that I’ll seperatly or together just depending on what needs my skin has. Pixi milk serum for when my skin needs a good does of moisture. This stuff is awesome you don’t need a lot to get good skin coverage. E.L.F pollution protection serum this one I usually use in the morning but if I’ve been out and about in the city then I’ll add this one to my routine. Also has a good does of Vitamin C which skin loves, loves, loves!

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  1. Bliss pore control hydrator

This little beauty has willow bark and brazilian seawater which are two epic duos that help keep the pore clear, reduces redness, and the appearance of large pores. I actually usually use this both morning and night because it’s so light and comfortable.

Bliss pore control hydrator
  1. Formula 10.0.6 P.M. perfector

This is the last one that I put on! It’s pretty thick but lasts for a long time. It has blackcurrant and licorice used to smooth and nourish the skin after a long day. It also has cranberry to help acne and more vitamin C to help fine lines. This is a powerhouse cream!

Formula 10.0.6 P.M. perfector

There ya have it! My current nighttime skin care and after I’m done with that then I usually read for at least a few minutes. I try to get in at least 7 hours of sleep before I have to wake up and tackle the next day. Tell me what is your biggest tool to help prepare you for the next day??

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