Traffic report | July 2018

I so wanted to name this my first income report but alas! Nothing to report on this month! It’s all blogging income reportgood though cause I still want to report how July went! I’m so new to blogging and even the tiniest bit of growth gets me giddy! I mean everyone has to start somewhere, right??  I will say that eventually, I will be adding income to these reports!

Last month was my first month of blogging and I’m so sad to say I was sick for half of it! I caught strep throat not once but twice! They wanted to put me in the hospital =( despite that though I did see some growth!

Goals from July

 Gain monthly viewers – I went from 0 to 21! WWOO! I don’t care how small that number is, I am so thankful for everyone who stopped by! Question: Do you go by sessions or users?? I feel that I see more bloggers refer to sessions more. 

blogging traffic report

Achieve 48 new Pinterest followers– So close!! I was off by one! Still counting it as a win though, I mean 7 more is better than 7 less right? 

Build up Instagram to 30 followers– Did it! got up tp 45! 

Gain 100 new email subscribers– Nope big ol’ fail there! 

What worked

Because I was so sick and in bed for what felt like ages! a lot of time was spent on instagram and three things I did seem to make the biggest difference!

  1. I began posting at least twice a day, especially on Sundays!
  2. I researched my hastages. One of the greatest things that Instagram has done is make following hastages a thing. Now you can search a hastages and see how many followers it has, this is how I chose each tag to place on each post. 
  3. I socialized! Not just liking other’s pics but commenting and replying. Also, following others because of genuine interest.

The only thing I did different on Pinterest is that I have discovered group boards

August goals

I am shooting high this month after reading tons of other reports where others have great success after just a few months blogging! 

  • Reach 15,000 page views
  • Reach 5,000 monthly views and gain 300 followers
  • Write 12 new blog posts
  • Create a freebie 
  • Grow Instagram to 500 followers


Happy August everyone! Happy blogging if that’s what your into! I would love to see some of your blogs! Leave me your link in the comments!



P.S. Don’t forget to pin!

July traffic report

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