How to stop negativity

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Hopefully you read my last post on this subject, if not, check it out here!! But we were talking about how complaining and negativity is bad for you and why it’s important to change some habits to break free. Now I’m going to give you some actionable steps to stop complaining and start seeing the positivity in your life.

How to stop complaining

I have found at least 5 ways to help stop negativity

Stop and breath for 5 seconds!

Just a few seconds to analyze the situation and decide how the situation warrants a negative response, remember this benefits you! Taking a few seconds can help make sure that you don’t say something that you’ll regret later. And even after you’ve decided that the situation is warranted, those few seconds can help give you clarity to express yourself in a healthy way that can be beneficial and produce positivity instead of fostering negativity.

Write down frustrations

Going off of my point above-writing stuff out can be very therapeutic! Not only does it get the negativity out but also it eliminates complaining to someone who might not respond in the best way. I write stuff out ALL the time! Usually when my hand starts cramping is when I know that everything is off of my chest and then I take the papers and rip them to pieces! With that I let go and let GOD.

How to stop complaining

Practice Gratitude

Replace everything moment of complaining with a piece of gratitude. Wanna complain about sitting in traffic? Be grateful that you have a car! Complaining that your room isn’t bigger? Be happy that you have a solid roof over your head! They made your coffee wrong? At least you can afford to pick up that coffee shop coffee!

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See what I mean? You’re rewiring your brain to stop seeing all the wrong things and start seeing all the good God has placed in your life so far! And don’t think that He’s done with you yet! Crazy things happen to people who give their life over to Him 😉

Take note of what triggers negativity

This one might take some practice but whenever you notice that surroundings, people, situations cause negativity. Write it down! Not only will this help make you more aware but it can also help make you more prepared. By preparing to be around your triggers, you can take some tools to help yourself stay positive and avoid complaining.

Finally, kick it to the curb

After you’ve noticed what triggers negativity and complaining, you might want to consider getting rid of them all together! I’ve been in those situations where it doesn’t what you do; you still get so annoyed and the negativity just bubbles to the surface! It’s those times when you have to accept facts and just get rid of it! Sometimes that means losing touch with friends or avoiding going to certain places.

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Another big thing could be to get off social media. It’s an insane world with so much available to us now and resources that it’s easy to fall into a place of negativity. These are just a couple of big things but don’t be afraid to get rid of the little stuff too! I had this book that whenever I read it, I just got so consumed with negativity that it would bother me for days! I finally started reading it and gave it away, I immediately felt better.

Have you heard the expression that if it does not serve a purpose or bring a smile to your face, then get rid of it? I think about this all the time when I’m going through my house. Decluttering stuff that doesn’t bring happiness seems like a no brainer but it’s so difficult to get rid of stuff that we’ve built into something.

How to stop complaining

It’s so hard keeping negativity out of our lives at first but with time and practice, it gets easier and like I said in my last post, it’s so worth it! You’ll be happier and healthier! 

Let me know how you’re going to cut negativity from your life?? I’d love to hear about it! Leave me a comment below!

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