How to stop negativity

ways to stop complaining

How often do you find yourself being negative and complaining? Is it your first instinct? To just being to rattle off at the handle and begin listing all of the negative little checklist that is never far from your mind or your heart? 

In my previous post, Why we should stop complaining, I talk about how complaining affects us, in our everyday life, physically, and mentally. It a nasty habit that I’ll admit still lingers sometimes but i’ve been working very hard to change that part of my life! By doing so, I’ve found at least 5 ways that we can change our mindset and redirect those negative feelings and becoming more positive. 

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5 ways to stop complaining and being negative 

1 // Do 3 yoga breaths

For those who don’t know what a yoga breath is, it’s breathing in deeply through your  nose for a few seconds and breathing out through your mouth like your trying to fog up your goggles. 

Here is a great article that goes over it more plus some variations!

By taking a few minutes to do this, you’re giving yourself a moment to gather more information and decide if the situation warrants a negative response. Even if you decided that the situation is warranted, those few seconds can help give you clarity to express yourself in a healthy way. 

In this way, not only do you save yourself from negativity but also you stop yourself from complaining. 

That’s really where the trick lies! It’s all about retraining yourself!

2 // Write down frustrations

Okay, so when all is said and done and that little negative tick can’t let go, you have to release that pent up anger. Otherwise, it could explode out of you at the drop of a hat! (I know! I’m pretty much wired to hold it all in and explode later on over the silliest things! It’s taken a while to find a better way to deal.) 

So write it all down! Whatever is bothering you! Don’t bother making it pretty or correct. Just grab a pen and paper, heck! Grab a laptop and type or your phone and keyboard warrior that bad boy. 

Not only does this get the negativity out but is also eliminates complaining. 

When I’m done, I like to pray over the list and ask God to show me how I can change what’s within my control. (Usually just my attitude LOL) And to remove other situations that are outside of my control. 

When that’s finished, I’ll rip up the paper just for good measure! 

3 // Practice Gratitude

If you’ve been reading along with me for any amount of time, you’ll know I’m a big fan of practicing gratitude! 

I start every morning by writing down a few things that I’m thankful for. I always pray my thankfulness to God before asking for anything else. 

When I’m going through my everyday life and I’m annoyed and thinkning about complaining over something stupid, I stop and quickly practice gratitude. 

I say it out loud and basically give myself a reminder that just because my coffee order was messed up does not mean that my entire day is ruined or even that it’s worth it that much. 

Replace every complaint with a piece of gratitude. 

Wanna complain about sitting in traffic? Be grateful that you have a car! 

Complaining that your room isn’t bigger? Be happy that you have a solid roof over your head! 

They made your coffee wrong? At least you can afford to pick up that coffee shop coffee!

See what I mean? You’re rewiring your brain to stop seeing all the wrong things and start seeing all the good God has placed in your life so far! 

And don’t think that He’s done with you yet! Crazy things happen to people who give their life over to Him 🙂

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4 // Take note of what triggers negativity

This one might take some practice but whenever you notice that surroundings, people, situations cause negativity. 

Make a mental note! Not only will this help make you more aware but it can also help make you more prepared. 

By preparing to be around your triggers, you can take some tools to help yourself stay positive and avoid complaining.

5 // Take a break

After you’ve noticed what triggers your negativity and complaining, consider getting rid of them all together!

I’ve been in that place before and it sucks. There’s no way to get around it. 

But if this is truly something that you want out of your life, than that might mean it’s time to take a step back and remove yourself from the temptation. 

This might mean shutting down social media, avoiding certain TV shows, or even losing touch with certain friends. Like I said, it SUCKS!! I’m not trying to downplay this. It’s not easy but when it comes to the condition of your heart and mind certain sacrifices must be made!

I know and you know that it’s for our best. 

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Complaining and negativity have a big role in our lives. Whether we know it or not. We are constantly surrounded by it. We however have the power to release it from our hearts! What is going on in your life that your want to stop complaining and get away from the negativity?

All the best, 


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