Hashtags and Tailwind: The best tools for Instagram

What are the best tools for instagram
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Hashtags and Tailwind, Tailwind WHHAAA???

Yes! It’s more than just a tool for Pinterest although it’s great for that too!

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Hashtags and Tailwind | Instagram tools | how to grow your instagram

If you’re anything like me than you know how frustrating it can be to have to constantly come up with hashtags for your posts. 

I’m always getting stuck trying to make sure that I’m using hashtags that it’s going to be relevant in order for my post to get the best possible reach while not being super generic. The struggle is real! 

Before we go further, I just want to make sure that we’re all on the same page about what I’m talking about when I say hashtags. 

What are hashtags? 

The hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by the pound symbol, #, such as #sweethashtags #relevanthashtags.

Hashtags are used in social media in any given post to help the post be seen by others. Hashtags can be any combination of words, numbers, and symbols, although I’ve never used any with numbers or symbols.

I’ve just never had any success with them, you can tell which hashtags are doing better than others, which we’ll discuss further along. 

Hashtags are predominantly used for Instagram and Twitter. Even though you don’t see them very often, you can use them in Pinterest! This is actually a hot topic between bloggers on whether or not they’re actually doing any good being used on Pinterest! It seems very split on if we should use them or not!

Personally, I don’t think that it hurts to use hashtags on Pinterest! I think that if it helps get your post to be seen by others than why not?? 

Using Hashtags on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest

Hashtags are pretty simple to implement! All you have to do is insert a # and any word or phrase into your post! Just make sure that you don’t have any spaces between any of the words and keep the number of hashtags you use in mind. 

Twitter and Pinterest are both pretty easy because you only have to add a couple to each post and by a couple I literally mean no more than two! Both of these are platforms organize posts by other means besides the hashtags unlike Instagram, which relies heavily on them. 

119 Instagram hashtags for any niche? Yes please! Click To Tweet

Now talking about Instagram, you probably know that you can add hashtags to your posts. But did you know that you could use them in your comments??

No joke! I personally don’t use them in my comments because I think it can be more time efficient to simply put them into the post itself. However, A LOT of other Insta influencers prefer to put them into their comments. This is because using the comments still gets your post listed with those hashtags but it leaves your initial post free of the clutter of hashtags in your post itself. 

Just so you know until you get a person or two commenting on your post, the post will still show all those hashtags on your post. Like I said though the comments section will collapse as soon as a couple people comment on your post and then no one will see the hashtags until they open the comment section.

 Now unlike Twitter and Pinterest, you can and should use a lot more than two hashtags but no more than 30! This is Instagram policy, Instagram puts a cap of 30! There is a little loophole though; it’s a cap of thirty per comment section and inside the post! So you could add 60 hashtags to your post if you want! 

I however advise to only use 30. It looks bad to other users and you don’t want to appear spammy! 

 How to determine which hashtags to use

This is a hard part! Am I right?? 

It’s important when choosing what hashtags to add to your posts that they be a mix of widely used to moderately used like 10%/90%. 

This is because when you use a hashtag that has been used over a million times (not kidding) it’s very hard to get it seen by anyone. So many flood the hashtag that the top 9 change every few minutes.

You can always check a hashtag before using it simply by searching it and seeing how many posts it has. I recommend using any with less than a million uses. Not that you can’t use them just be warned that it will be harder for them to be seen by others. 

This is why I put together a list of, BAM!! A 119 of em!! 

Now this took me a while to put together, scrolling through hashtags to see which ones would be continually relevant and that haven’t been used a gazillion times!! 

I don’t want it to be so difficult for you which is the purpose of this list but I also recommend Tailwind! 

Hashtags and Tailwind

Or I guess it should be more like Instagram and Tailwind LOL How well do they go together?

Tailwind has been making huge advancements in their scheduling market and they’ve broken ground into Instagram! 

I LOVE Tailwind! 

Here’s a quick rundown on why I love it so much as one of my Instagram tools: 

  1. Hashtag finder – Tailwind finds relevant hashtags to use on any given post and they tell you how many times they’ve been used! 
  2. Smart scheduler – they analyze your profile to figure out the most optimal time for your posts. 
  3. Automatically schedules for YOU! – Need I say more?? I know that this is a lifesaver! A huge part of blogging is being consistent! That includes being on social media.
  4. Save hashtags lists of your fav hashtags 
  5. Performance monitoring – This one is huge!! Tailwind will monitor how certain hashtags are doing; give your updates on trending hashtags (another lifesaver!) Not only this but they will also monitor your profile and offer tips on getting more followers! 

Tailwind is just a great company that works super hard to make sure that you’re getting the very best performance on both Pinterest and Instagram. 

My experience with Tailwind

Like I said before Tailwind is a great company to work with!

If there has ever been a problem with my account, they reach out personally (Not just some automation thing) to make sure that everything’s okay!

The thing that I love most about Tailwind, is how much more consistent I can be! Blogging is all about being there for your readers and letting them know that you’re someone they can count on!

Tailwind is really thinking of everything when it comes to hashtags! Like I said before, Tailwind is letting you know what hashtags are doing good, which ones are competitive, and which ones are the best for your post!

See what I mean??

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Click on my link to get a free thirty posts trial on Tailwind! You can see for yourself how awesome it is!

Now check out the list that I put together for you!

119 Hashtags for any niche

Now I do fully believe that any of these can be used in any niche so long as it corresponds with the pic. However, I did break down the hashtags into groups that would go best with certain styles of posts. 



#bloglovin #savvyblogging 

#girlbosses #ontheblognow #ontheblogtoday

#girlblogger #bossgirlblogger #bloggerslifestyle #instabloggerstyle 

#lifeblog #bloggersofinsta 


#blogbossbabe #blogpassionproject 



#mysmallbiz #mysmallbusiness 

#bossgirlbloggers#mycreativebusiness #createlifehappylife  #girlbosslifestyle 

#girlbossforlife #femaleentrepreneurship 

#fempreneurs #smallbizsquad

#bizbabe #shepreneur 






#styleinfluencer #styleinfluencers #inspiringoutfits #livelovebeauty

#wearitloveit #wearitloveitliveit 


#lovelylittlesquares #inspiremyinstagram 



#mindfulliving #thatauthenticfeeling 




#fromabove #lifeunscripted #everysquareastory 


#flatlaysquad #flatlaythenation 

#flatlaystyle #flatlayoftheday

#flatlayforever #workspacegoals #handsinframe 


#girlsborntotravel #sheisborntotravel #sidewalkerdaily 

#huntgram #vscogoodshots #posttheordinary#chasingthelight



#tablesituation #eatingforthegram #appetitejournal 


#coffeeinsta#instagramcoffee #coffeenclothes #butfirstcoffee 

#coffeeplease#morecoffeeplease #womenandcoffee


#cupsinframe #eatsaroundtheworld 




#bookgram #booksandcoffee 

#bookstagramer #bookishreads 




#plannerjunkie #bujoweeklyspread #bujoinspiration 

#bujoideas #stationeryaddict




#selfcaredaily #selfcareaccount #chooseyourself


#fitspirational #fitnessgoals 

#fitfam #getfitonline #getfitstayfit #trainingpeaks





#betterforit #findyourstrong  #movementculture

We made it!

119 is nothing to slouch at! Take these hashtags and be sure to apply them to your posts and let me know which ones are your fav!

If you would like a downloadable version then please enter your email and I’ll send it off!

Don’t forget to take advantage of my Tailwind link to get a $15 credit 😉


What do you think?? Do you agree that hashtags and Tailwind are some of our best tools to use for our Instagram strategy? Let me know in the comments!

All the best,


What are the best tools for instagram | Social media marketing | hashtags ideas | hashtags for Instagram | how to grow social media | blogging tips | blogging for beginners | #blogging #socialmediastragety #IGforbloggers
What are the best tools for instagram | Social media marketing | hashtags ideas | hashtags for Instagram | how to grow social media | blogging tips | blogging for beginners | #blogging #socialmediastragety #IGforbloggers

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