Habits to start now to achieve your goals

habits to start now to achieve your goals

Are you working toward something? Maybe something big?? Something that you know could change your whole life! 

Big goals like that are awesome to have! But actually achieving those goals can be a little more of a challenge. 

The road to success is a winding one that is filled with ups and downs, pitfalls, detours, and just a general feeling of never getting where you want to go!

It’s annoying! I get it! I have had several goals and dreams that are left unfinished because of a lack of motivation and a plan! 

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See in my mind there are at least 3 different key elements that you need when trying to reach your goals. 

  1. Plans
  2. Patience
  3. Motivation

These are all things that need to be continually nurtured!

Plans will change, your patience and resolve will be challenged, and motivation will fail you. 

All is not lost though! 

Even though you will ALWAYS be tested when it comes to your resolve to achieve your goals, there is something that you can do. 

Actually 12 things! And these aren’t just things but habits. 

12 habits to start now to achieve your goals! 

Regular practices that will help you live your life, recharge your batteries, and reach your goals! 

Now none of these are in any order of importance. I think that each is important in its own way! 

1 // A morning routine

Getting a good morning routine is a total game changer!

And I’m not the only one who thinks so!

There’s actually a ton of research on how having an established morning routine actually helps you with better prioritizing, more effective time-management, and greater productivity!

Plus when you wake up earlier, you actually have time to do the things that you want to without feeling super rushed! 

2 // An evening routine

The same goes for having an evening routine!

Having an evening routine helps you to wrap up those last minute things and gets you ready to relax.

An evening routine is perfect for getting your body and mind ready for rest. This will in turn help you sleep better and a good night’s rest is perfect for gearing up for a productive tomorrow! 

3 // Learn how to say no

Most of us hate using that word above, right? No one wants to feel like a bad guy or a failure. 

Maybe you just love trying to give people what they want!

I know I’m like that! I don’t enjoy telling people, especially those I love, no. 

However, if you don’t learn how to say no than you’re going to cursing yourself later!

Taking on too much responsibility whether that’s physically or emotionally, will cripple you and eventually lead to resentment. 

Learn how to say no! Don’t feel bad about it! 

You can always make up for it later. 

4 // Work smarter, not harder

Do you ever feel like you’ve worked all day but don’t have anything to show for it? 

Yeah, I was like that too! Just running around like a chicken with my head cut off! 

That’s just busy work! It’s an easy trap to get pulled into! One of the devil’s fun handy works I’m sure! 

That’s why it’s super important to learn how to work in a better way that ensures that you’ll be getting work done without feeling like you’ve worked for 16 hours straight. 

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5 // Read more

Preferably something that you enjoy! 

This is because we all read ALL. DAY. LONG. 

There’s literally no way around it! 

And when we take time to read something that we enjoy we’re actually helping ourselves to reach our goals!

When we read everyday, we get better at it! This means that that annoying report that you have to read won’t take as long! 

Plus reading opens up our minds and gives us some extra brain juice power! 

6 // Set aside time for daily self-care

I know that this might seem like a trivial thing but trust me! It’s not! 

Don’t tell yourself that you’ll focus on yourself when you’re done chasing your dreams! 

Don’t work so hard that you forget to take care of you because by the time that you get where you want to go, you’ll be a pile of MEH! 

Instead always make sure to fit in some time for self-care, even if it’s just for 10 minutes! 

We spend so much time putting little bits of ourselves into everything that we’re doing that we become emptier and emptier which can lead to some bad choices! 

So take some time to fill your cup back up again! Self-care isn’t selfish! 

7 // Accept the consequences of self discipline

I’d really like to sit here and tell you that you can have it all!

Hanging with friends and family, the workouts, the 9-5 job, FT schoolwork, and a hobby without sacrificing anything but the reality is that that’s not how it is! 

With self discipline and the determination to achieve your dreams, there will be some upsets. Be prepared to deal with those! 

Friends and family will need to be made aware that you’re working hard for your future and that they should respect that. You’ll make up for those lost Saturday afternoons! 

You’re time and schedule will be different and more demanding to accommodate everything that you have on your plate.

And you’ll be forced to make compromises! 

Just remember that the hard work will come with rewards later! 

8 // Use a planner

Seriously! I know that starting out using a planner can feel awkward but the benefits of using a planner are awesome! 

  1. Writing stuff down is a great stress relief
  2. Better time management
  3. Stay organized
  4. Feel accomplished when you get to check something as finished
  5. Less likely to forget something when it’s written down

A planner is a great way to keep yourself accountable to your goals and the daily tasks that you have to do to achieve those goals! 

9 // Learn from what works and what doesn’t work

We’re all human! And that means mistakes will happen! 

The best thing that you can do though is move on from those mistakes and come back stronger than before and make corrections. 

For example, I run a full-time daycare from my home, take care of everything in the house, and work full time on this blog. 

I learned pretty fast that working all day with little kids leaves me too drained to give my blog the proper attention that it needs, so I need to adapt and create a different schedule. 

But don’t give up! Accept that hard days when nothing seems to get done and try to be better the next day!

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10 // Work in your most optimal time

What I mean by this is figuring out when you’re brain is best in use for certain things! Such as I’m super good at writing and doing blog work in the morning when my mind is freshest! 

I am useless when I try to blog in the afternoon/evening! So I rearranged my day so I get up SUPER early and get a bunch of blog work done then I’ll clean in the afternoons when my brain is happy with busy work and doesn;t have to think too much LOL 

Figure out when and how you work the best and find a new routine to fill that!

Maybe you’re more productive in the evening and can stand to work till 1am. 

Or maybe you’re like me and just can’t work that way! 

No one way is perfect just find what’s perfect for you! 

11 // Avoid burnout

This is HUGE!! 

Burning out is a major downfall of all things dreamy! 

Burning out will lead to a loss of motivation, guilt, and despair. 

I was stuck in this cycle for months! Months you guys!! I would do a ton of stuff for a day then do nothing for the next several days! 

I would become depressed and guilty! I would start working again the next day with too much steam and the cycle would start all over again! 

This kind of working kept setting me back 2 steps instead of getting a head even a day! 

My work was clearly rushed and my readers were suffering! 

Not only that but my mental and physical health was at risk. 

Correcting this was the first and best thing that I’ve done for my goals!

And I did that with a planner, an awesome to-do list, and practicing good self-care! 

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12 // Prioritize your to-do list

And what I mean by that is to make sure that you’re to-do list is filled with 2-3 things that are important and actually need to get done! 

Don’t just fill your to-do list with busy work! 

What I like to do is fill my day is 3 things from each aspect of my day. 

3 blogging things

3 household things

3 personal things 

And then I’ll choose the most important and pressing things to do. 

If those get done, then I’ll work on getting more stuff done on my never-ending list! 

The great thing about working like this, is balance! And getting quality work done.

Achieving your dreams is hard work, there is no doubt about that! 

But with the right plan it can be done without feeling like you have no life!

Don’t forget to grab your free daily planner!

Let me know how you’re working towards your goals and what those goals are in the comments below!

All the best, 


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