Gift ideas for someone who has everything

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gift ideas for someone who has everything

 Shopping can become stressful around this time of year! Especially for those people who apparently have everything! They want for nothing and even if they do they just go out and buy it! Am I right? My dad is the worst! Every year it’s the same, “I don’t want anything just get me some t-shirts.” Come on! For someone like me, who loves to give gifts! It’s important to me that I give something that will be of value to my recipients. Like I won’t give my brother a book because he won’t read it like ever and it pains me to see it sitting on the shelf doing nothing when it’s suppose to enrich his life…tantrum over anyway…I put together this list because of those people in our lives that have everything.


There are magazines, readers digest, online gaming portals (I have no idea what they’re called lol) Hulu, Netflix, boxes such as Fabfitfun, Amazon prime, Audible, just to name a few. My mom said that one of the best gifts she got was to readers digest and I got Cosmo from my aunt for a year once and it was pretty cool! The gift that keeps on giving in a way.

Tickets to a play or a concert.

This one is awesome because not only do you get to give a gift but also more often than not you get to be the plus one! Win win.

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Pay for a movie night!

I think that it’s so much more personal than just a generic gift card or cash. 

Offer your services

Give 10 hours of free babysitting, lawn work, or errand running. This works wonders on grandmas and mommas!

Skincare treats

This one can be tricky if someone has a sensitivity or not so be sure to hold onto the receipt! 

Coffee or teas

I don’t know of too many people that don’t drink one or the other! I’ve gotten so many different kinds of coffee over the years and it’s so much fun to try different flavors that I may have never tried on my own before. 

Unusual spices of oils for cooking

My boyfriend loves to cook and all the time he gets gifts like crazy spices, hot sauces, or oils. He loves them and usually spends hours talking about the different ways he’ll use them to cook haha

Pay for services

Massages, pedicures, facials, or car washes! 

Hobby materials

Do you have a crafter in your family? My mom loves crocheting so from time to time I bring her new yarn to work with! This is good for anyone who crafts, you just got to know the craft and usually anyone from a craft store can help you shop.

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Family pictures

More than once has someone given pictures as gifts in my family! My mom loved that I got some of just my brother and me for her! It’s a great way to capture some memories that’ll last a long time. 

I know that it can be really difficult to shop for people but hopefully you found something from this list that can satisfy that one person or maybe just some inspiration! Tell me which one is your favorite!

Remember that no matter what you give someone, being present is the best thing! Read more about that, here.

gift ideas for someone who has everything

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