Full body skincare | 9 things you should be doing

Full body skincare | 9 things you should be doing

So we’re about a month out from it officially being summer!! I’ll admit that summer is not my most fav times of the year because I love all things being inside! However, I do love camping and having fun on the water! Though I’m not super sycked on being in a bathing suit! Not because I’m concerned about my weight but I am concerned about taking care of my skin! Does my skin look healthy and loved?

It won’t if I don’t take care it!

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If you’re new here then understand this, I LOVE taking care of my skin! I mean we only get one set and it literally wraps everything inside! We should take care of it.

I know that I am one to focus a lot on my face and neck and forget a little bit about the rest of me…bad person award! LOL I’m sure that I’m not alone in that fact either!

Therefore I’ve put together this post of 9 different ways that we should be doing to take care of the skin on our bodies.

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Let’s start on the inside

Our skin is the largest organ of our body, if you didn’t that skin was an organ I am not lying! You can fact check me on that! So we have to do certain things to maintain our skin.

First, we have to make sure that we’re getting plenty of water!!

I’ll preach it till I’m dead but water, water, water, WATER!!! If you want to instantly feel better, drink water. Our bodies are made up of 60% of water and we don’t naturally create new water within ourselves! We have to replenish our supply.

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If our bodies act like a plant, what happens when we don’t give a plant enough water? They wilt and get all shriveled up, they lose luster in their coloring, being to smell badly and the same is true for our bodies!

So we have to drink more water to take care of our bodies.

Here are a few ways that I make sure to get drink enough water through the day:

1. Have lots of water bottles filled and in the fridge.

I don’t know what it is but there is something about having to get up and fill my glass of water that makes me not drink enough…ALRIGHT laziness! Ya caught me! But that is why I fill about 4 or 5 water bottles and just put them in fridge to grab whenever. I strive to drive at least 64oz everyday. I’ve also read that drinking half your weight in ounces is the best thing!

2. Drink infused water

Adding some fruit or vegetables to my water was one of the first ways that I used to make sure that I drank enough! Lemon, mint, cucumber, strawberries, and the list just goes on and on!

It’s super easy to infuse! Just cut up some veggies and fruit and place it in the water…difficult I know!

Another reason that I love infused water because you still get some of those nutrients that come with eating the fruits and veggies! Win-Win, right??

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What else does a body need?

Essentially everything that our faces need! Moisture, exfoliation, detoxify, anti-aging methods, and sun protection!

Taking care of our skin cannot stop at just our faces, right?? Let’s go over a great full body skincare routine!


Grab your favorite moisturizer and lay it on!

I also love a moisture rich body wash like Olay’s moisture ribbons. The pink one is my fav!

Drink plenty of water!

Always be sure to put on the sunscreen, even if you’re not going to be out in the sun for hours. Sun damage can occur after just fifteen minutes!

Every 3-4 days

Take a bath with bath salts such as Epsom salts. This helps your body to detox and flush out all those bad boys!

Added bonus! Your insides will thank you too! Now that’s true full body skincare 😉 (I know I’m so funny haha)

Remove unwanted hair, this is also a great way to gently exfoliate.

Use a clarifying mask, because everyone has experienced bacne. No one is happy about it but it still happens! I love using Mario Badescu body breakout kit. It’s reasonably priced and worth every penny! I’m talking results in just a few uses.

If you’re into DIY masks, then check out these 5 masks that can be made with just a few ingredients at home!

Once a week

Exfoliate your whole body! It’s not silly! Just be sure to not over exfoliate because that can lead to skin breakage.

Exfoliation allows your skin to breathe and helps with ingrown hairs. Those are the worst!

Use hand and foot masks, since these are two parts of our body that get used the most, they tend to get more wear and tear. Applying masks that give you more moisture will help with anti-aging matters! It’s my opinion that one of the first ways to tell age is by the hands, just my thought! I’ve been currently using Aveeno’s repairing mask with shea butter! Super luxurious!

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What are some of your favorite ways to do full body skincare?? Let me know in the comments and be sure to never forget to take care of yourself!

All the best,



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