Five ways to feel better while your sick

One of the worst things is being sick =( no one likes it but it happens to all of us! Myself recently

has gone through three bouts of strep throat in five weeks with an abscess developing behind my

tonsils…you know that might be too much information. Any who! I’ve had lots of time to reflect on

some ways to help ease the pain of being sick. 

Keeping the immediate surrounding around picked up

Look over at the night stand and see that small mountain of tissues, wrappers, or in my case popcycle sticks and getting this sense of oh man one more thing to take care of once I feel better.

Do youself a favor and grab a trash can and bring over to your bed.

Keep the floor clear of clutter

I made my boyfriend do a quick run through and pick up stuff of the floor. Not only do I feel like my space is clean but there’s nothing to be tripped over on the way to the bathroom or more meds. 

In the same regard, have someone come over and do some light house keeping. Again this just takes one more thing of your plate.

Change linens

I don’t know about you but after a little while I feel like that sickness is just all over my stuff.

I feel icky so I change the sheets or ask someone to help me. I change the sheets, pillow cases, snuggly blanket, and comforter.

I also spray down the bed and pillows with a disinfectant.

This just helps me feel that as I’m getting better, my space is not holding onto those gross things, even if it’s not true! I don’t care! It makes me feel better!

5 ways to feel better

Personal hygiene

Maybe it’s just me but I feel like when people get sick, there’s like a pause button on our regular cleaning schedule. It’s not on purpose! And I get that a nap over a shower is preferred but being clean and feeling clean gives a little boost of happiness which in turn helps us get better!

Get ready for the day, just a little bit

Put on a little bit of moisturizer, lip balm, brush your hair, and change your clothes. It’s psychological but it helps feel like a normal human being again. 

bliss pore patrol

There ya have it! Five ways to feel better while your sick. If I’ve left anything out let me know in the comments or send me an email! I love to hear from you guys!



5 ways to feel better


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