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Face cupping? What the heck is it? Do people really apply suction cups to their faces? Willingly?

Yes! My friend! They do!

Face cupping has been around for a vast amount of time, over 3,000 years! According to Wikipedia LOL which we all know is super reliable! Nevertheless, cupping is not a new thing!

But what the heck is it?? Well, traditional cupping is when you take giant suction cups and apply them to your body for a specific amount of time. This is meant to relieve muscle tension, improve circulation, and help detoxify the body of impurities.

Face cupping has the same benefits but on a smaller scale! And with a slightly different technique.

While you still receive those benefits, there are a multitude of other perks!

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What are those extra face cupping perks?

  1. Helps with sinus pressure and headaches
  2. Promotes collagen
  3. Improve facial elasticity
  4. Temporary disappearance of wrinkles
  5. Brighter skin tone
  6. Naturally lift and tone your face
  7. Reduce puffiness
  8. Get rid of undereye circles
  9. Improve product absorption

I mean the benefits speak for themselves! It’s a relatively cheap and natural way to care for your skin at home with very little negative side effects.

Let’s go over the routine

I’ve been using my at-home Lure Essentials face cupping set for a few weeks now. It’s recommended on the packaging to being with a daily 5 minute routine for 2 weeks followed by cupping to be done once a week.

If you’ve read my current skincare routine then you’ll know that I typically cup every other day. I have very sensitive skin that doesn’t like to be messed with that much. When it’s upset, my skin has no problem letting me that I messed up LOL patch testing is my savior! Most of the time, anyways!

I have also done research stating that you should put at least 72 hours between cupping sessions but in my experience I’ve found that is not always that necessary rule. Maybe for all over body cupping since those are way more powerful than the small ones sold for your face.

Just test it out for yourself and listen to your skin!

This routine is my personal go-to!

  1. Wash your face free of makeup and dirt.
  2. Use a gentle toner
  3. Apply oil in sections
    1. Putting oil onto my forehead and cupping
    2. Right cheek to follow the same
    3. Then left cheek
    4. Followed by the neck
    5. Lastly the nose and eye areas
  4. Serum
  5. Moisturizer



Here are a couple of other beauty bloggers that go over their own routines!

Alexandra Potora

Farah Dhukai

My Face Cupping Technique

I don’t like to apply oil to my whole face because once I get to another section of my face, the oil could have been absorbed already and maybe I’m not using enough! I don’t know! All I know is that it seems to work well to cup in sections while making sure that you drag the cup upwards toward your hairline.

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What to avoid

Do not let the cup sit in one place

I repeat! DO NOT LET THE CUP SIT IN ONE PLACE!! That is how you get the bruises! I would hate to get bruises on my face like and I have! Right by my eye and everyone kept looking at me with this weird glance, as in someone hit me in the eye! LOL Totally not what happened!

So be sure to avoid my mistake! Always keep the cup suctioning but gliding along your skin.

Always use oil

I mean I feel like this should be a fairly obvious thing but if you’re tired and just don’t realize what you’re doing! You may end up with a uncomfortable experience!

Don’t heat up the cups

Come on…they’re plastic…just don’t heat them up…


Make sure to clean the cups when you’re done by hand because the dishwasher might melt your cups…I am not ashamed to raise my hand to this one. Stuff happens! Right??

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What to expect

This is going purely based off of my experience! I have pretty sensitive skin that can learn more onto the dry side/combination. Bear that in mind!

When I use face cupping, my skin will get really red which I attribute to the increased blood circulation. This goes away by the morning! I don’t ever notice it to last longer than the night.

My skin absorbs like nobody’s business! It’s as if my skin is soil that has been denied water for weeks!

My skin tone is way more even!

I feel that skin breathes way better! That sounds weird but does it make sense? My skin just feels fresher.

I definitely think that my headaches have gone down since I’ve started face cupping.

Needless to say, I will continue to cup my face! It’s a very nice and relaxing way to end the day and do something great for my skin as well.

Face cupping sets and oils

Let’s be honest and say that not all sets are created equal! LOL

Here are some sets that I have researched and would give the go stamp to use! Along with which oils are most recommended.

Lure Essentials – the one I use =)

Face and body cupping set

The most cost effective set

I believe that you can use any oil that you would like and here’s three that are most popular!

Chia oil

Jojoba oil

Glam boost cupping oil

You may also be interested in how to take care of your skin or overnight masks for sensitive skin. Happy reading! =)

Have you ever tried face cupping? Or what about body cupping?? I have not tried body cupping and it is something that I’m super interested! Let me know if you have any cupping experiences or hesitations below!

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All the best!


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