Different ways of self-care

different ways of self-care

I think we all can say how hard it is to fill from an empty cup, which is why I’m such a huge fan of self-care! When we are full of love it’s hard for that not to pour over into every part of our lives, making us better for the people around us. 

Let’s start off by saying what is self-care? It’s about having a relationship with yourself. This let’s you know yourself and grows your confidence. Making it important reminds you and others that you are important too. 

There are so many different things that we hear about self care these days. Self-care gives us a chance to focus on ourselves to keep us healthy and to make sure that everyone around us feels the effect of that as well! While there are many different ways to give you care, the end goal is the same, to get to know yourself and to show yourself love. 

Keep in mind that when your entering self-care, your state of mind is a factor. You cannot go into it with an impression that you don’t deserve it.

Forgiveness is a part of love! Click To Tweet

You are worth it! Repeat this whenever you’re about to enter your time of self-care. Shut your brain off and let go of the past and whatever guilt you may be holding onto.

We’re not all perfect. There will be mistakes but forgiveness is a part of love. Be prepared to let go of whatever is bothering you. 

Now! Need some inspiration for what you should do for your self-care! 

45 Ways of Self-care

Take a long bubble bath

Read a book

Work out

Do something creative

Cook a new recipe

Write yourself a letter

Give yourself a facial

Take a walk

Play a game 

Color a picture

Do some baking such as cookies 

Switch up your daily schedule 


Do some light stretching 

Take some deep breaths

Sing at the top of your lungs 

Take a nap

Do your makeup

Recite your affirmations

Go see a movie by yourself

Go to a coffee shop and try something new 

Lie outside and get some fresh air 

Cuddle with someone you love or your pets 

Watch a goofy movie

Netflix binge

Have an aromatherapy session

Apply some essential oils

Read some uplifting passages from the Bible

Pray over yourself

Give yourself a hair treatment

Have an at home massage

De-clutter something such as your email folder or junk drawer

Practice gratitude

Focus on your aspirations

Make a new playlist

Stay in comfies all day

Shut out the world for a day. Don’t answer the phone/door or check social media

Deactivate social media

Go for a hike


Enjoy a dance party

Have a talk with a good friend

Give yourself a manicure or pedicure

Get yourself some flowers

Have a good cry 

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This list is just examples of stuff you can do to include into your routine and one thing probably won’t be the only thing that you do for your routine. I know that my routine can vary and can be short on certain days and much longer on other days. It just depends on how quick it takes my cup to get full. I did highlight the ones that I incorporate most often. 

The important thing is that you have some kind of routine. You can take a look at my own current routine, here

Let me know how you practice self-care. I always love hearing what people are doing! 

different ways of self care

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