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Everybody has dealt with a little red or white nightmare before! For some, acne can really cripple their confidence. Anxiety goes through the roof! It’s ridiculous! I’ve had my fair share, helped deal with my brothers/boyfriends/friends…get it? LOL I’ve done A TON of research into the best and natural ways to help get rid of acne! 

And keep it away!

Let’s talk a little more about the whole pimple situation! What is it and then we’ll move onto how to combat it!

Before we begin, I would like to point out that I am not a medical professional! I merely have personal experience with this stuff and I would like to pass what has worked for me and my family! 

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What is acne

Acne ranges in various forms from pus-filled pimples, black heads, tender red bumps, and even lead to a larger problem such as cysts.

Most often these are seen on faces but it can also affect the rest of the body.

There are a few different factors that contribute to those naughty bumps!

  1. Genetics. As much as I hate to say it! It does play a factor! 
  2. Hormones. Puberty. Need I say more?
  3. Excessive build up consisting with dirt, oil, and bacteria. I.E. not washing our faces, hands, phones, pillow cases ETC. 
  4. Diets high in sugar and grease. 
  5. Stress. My mom can always tell when I’m stressed because my skin breaks out!

All of these are factors in the dance of acne!

Some more than others and if you’re experiencing acne that just can’t seem to go away no matter what you do! I encourage you to seek medical advice! There could be an underlying problem that you might not even be aware of! 

If you’re curious on learning more about causes of acne, check out this post!

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Who is affected by acne

If you read the article posted above then you would’ve seen that it says that 3 in 4 people in between the ages of 11-30 are most affected. 

While I believe this, I also think that literally anyone can be affected! Whether it’s because of stress or eating too much greasy food. Anyone can get it at anytime! Some people are simply more affected than others. 

What are the natural remedies for acne

I am a big fan of natural resources! I

’m not a huge hippy or anything (alright, maybe a little bit!)

After all my years of dealing with acne, I’ve found several ways to help keep the nasties away! What foods to eat, working out, skin care tools, oils, DIY face mask recipes, and consistency.  

natural ways to get rid of acne for good | Acne at 30 | how to pop a zit | homemade acne treatment | tea tree oil for acne | DIY face masks for acne | tools to fight acne | acne treatment | how to treat hormonal acne | natural treatments to clear acne | best spot treatments for acne
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What you ingest

I know that some people will try to say that what you eat doesn’t affect your skin. Well I’m here to burst your bubble and tell you that those people are full of it! 

Of course what you eat matters!!

There is a fantastic article that dives into the medical side of certain foods and how they can make your acne worse such as whey protein, fast food, chocolate, white flour and others! 

Our skin is a great part of our makeup! It’s great at telling us when something is right and when something is wrong. It’s my belief that when acne flares up after consuming too much junk food, our skin is just saying, hey take a break from that! You’re eating too much of it and it isn’t good for you!

And I’ve been there! Chocolate? Yeah that’s my problem! It doesn’t take long to notice the effect it has on my skin and not to mention my waist line! 

Take a look at this list:

  • Chocolate – processed milk and white in particular
  • Fast food – lots of process and grease!
  • Refined grains and sugars – particularly with anything that is with white flour
  •  Dairy products
  • Omega – 6 fats 

What can you eat instead to help decrease your chances of acne??

Green tea 




All of these are shown to reduce the growth of acne in various ways whether it’s through topical application or from the inside! Here’s that same article that goes more in depth on why these foods help protect against acne.

Face masks

This is my favorite! There are a few different DIY recipes that I pull out whenever my skin is acting up. 

Turmeric and honey 

½  a teaspoon of turmeric and 1 tablespoon of honey > mix together and apply to face > 15 minutes and rinse with cool water

Turmeric is fantastic for reducing inflammation while honey helps to soothe skin, moisturize and anti-bacterial. 

Lemon and egg

Squeeze half a lemon with an egg > mix together > apply to face and leave on till completely dry then rinse with water.  

Lemon is great for being antibacterial and because lemon is naturally acidic it acts as an exfoliator! Egg is just a powerhouse! Egg conditions, provides collagen, and as biotin which helps protect the skin from acne, rashed, and dryness! 

Aloe vera and tea tree oil

2 tablespoons of aloe vera and 10 drops of tea tree oil > mix together and apply to face > leave on overnight and rinse off excess in the morning. 

Aloe vera is another powerhouse when it comes to natural skin care. Aloe is very soothing, moisturizing, and balancing! Which is why it goes great with tea tree oil. 

Tea tree oil is AMAZING for pimples! But it can be drying so whenever I use it, I always make sure to have something that is great for moisturizing. I talk about this oil more below!

Recommended reads:

Collagen benefits

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There are certain oils that you can apply to your face to help with acne! Pretty awesome! Like you’ve seen before I love adding some oils to my face masks for that wonderful extra boost!

Tea tree  – This oil has SO MANY benefits! From head to toe, literally! It can be used for your hair, nails, skin!

For acne, it’s amazing because of its anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Whenever myself or my boyfriend sees the start of a zit then we’ll dab just a drop onto the area and by the next morning it’s gone! Like I said before, this oil can be drying so I always add it to something when I’m gonna use in a larger quantity. 

Lemongrass – Fantastic, for not only getting rid of acne but also for those super painful ones! Lemongrass is shown to help relieve pain because in addition to being anti inflammatory it’s analgesic! 

Frankincense – This little bad boy is actually great to help prevent acne scars.

We all know that sometimes we can’t help ourselves and we end up popping the zits! After which leaves to scabbing and picking and then scarring.

Not only does frankincense help to prevent scars and even current scarring but it’s also great for relieving dry patches and has anti inflammatory properties. It’s a great tool to have in your acne combat kit!

Tools to help fight against acne

Do you use tools in your skin care routine? If not, you are missing out! Especially on these little babies that are totally worth investing in to help stop acne!

Acne removal kits – These are fantastic! For when you’re ready to help the pimple move along but in a safe way. They are more steril and allow your dirty hands to stay away from actually touching the pimple. You avoid tearing the skin which is what can happen when you use your hands and you hands slip!

These also help ensure that the whole pimple or black head as been evicted!

This ACNE REMOVAL KIT is one of the best! It’s reasonably priced, you get all the tools, and they are well made! Doesn’t feel cheap, ya know! 

Pore vacuum – We’ve all seen them on Insta! Some weird little tub that you run along your face that sucks out the black heads and white heads?? Um, really? 

Yes, my friend! It really works! 

THIS MICRODERMABRASION & PORE EXTRACTION VACUUM that I found at Target is truly worth the price! Not only does it expel black and white heads but it’s also a microdermabrasion tool! (the heads are interchangeable!) Microdermabrasion helps resurface your skin to bring forth younger and brighter skin! 

Little tip! Your face will get red afterwards! It is a side effect that is to be expected, especially if you have sensitive skin but most people report that it goes away after a few hours. I myself notice it going after pretty quick! 

Led light therapy – light emitting diode therapy which uses wavelengths to help some areas such as anti-aging or ACNE!! 

I didn’t know this but this technique was actually designed by Navy seals in the 1990s to help with wounded soldiers! Whoa! 

There are no ultraviolet rays so don’t fret! 

For acne, blue rays are emitted to target sebaceous glands which can produce to much oil causing breakouts. The lights help to slow down those productions. The lights also kill harmful bacteria that can also cause acne. 

Other users also reported that not only did their acne go down but scarring was lighter as was inflammation!

Many people do say that once you start light therapy, you have to continue to use long-term to ensure that you keep the same results. 

If you want to know more about LED light therapy, check out this article

Now Neutrogena has come out with a LIGHT MASK that has gotten rave reviews! I haven’t used it myself yet but any reviews from other websites and buyers say that it’s a good buy! 

If you don’t want to commit to a full mask, they also have a SPOTTER! It’s just a little pen that you use for spot treating each problem. It’s a much lower price at $20! Not a bad price to give something new a try. 

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We made it! Here are some more tips for keeping acne away

Thanks for sticking it through with me till the end! I just want to close this up with a couple more tips to help make sure that you don’t experience as many breakouts. 

  • Stick to the routine

Don’t expect one week of doing all the things to magically make your skin clear and to keep it clear. It’s all about repetition! 

  • Exercise 

When you sweat, your body will naturally push out the dirt and oil buildup. Just make sure to properly cleanse afterwards! Don’t want that nasty stuff sticking around! 

Alright, that’s it for now! I promise! You guys rock!

Which of these ways do you think will help you most when it comes to fighting acne? Oils? Tools? Or DIY masks?? Let me know in the comments below!

All the best, 



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