August Blogging Report 2018

Well, we made it! August just flew by! I knew it would though for some reason it always seems to which is fine so long as September can linger on for a while! Where I live I swear we get two weeks of fall-like weather and then we’re hit in the face with a blizzard! Anybody else?? 

With a new month its time for a new blogging report! One of my favs =)

What is a blogging report?

Well, it’s a post that many bloggers put together as a sort of round of the months’ accomplishments or shortcomings. Many bloggers also implement an income report(I will do this just as soon as I start seeing some income come in!)

blogging income reports

Why post a blogging report?

At first, I didn’t think that I would do these sorts of posts but I actually found that after reading many other similar reports they hold a great deal of value, for me and for you!

  • For me:
    • Keeps me accountable. I would not do half of the things I do if I thought I was doing only for me. My number one goal is to help improve lives and be there for others.
    • Helps keep me on track. It’s super easy to lose my place in what I was working toward aside from those big, big goals but the small things? I’ll admit I’m a little scatterbrain on. If you have any tips I’m all ears!
    • Help give direction for the future. On the same note as the above lines, laying out what I’m working towards in the new month.
    • Builds trust. By putting out what I’m working toward and then being honest with you and whether I hit that goal or if I failed is a huge way to build trust and credibility with readers. Trust is what keeps them coming back and building an engaged community!
  • For you:
    • Encouragement. Especially if you’re a new blogger! It can be so disheartening to see pins and pins of successful bloggers and then see your own site look like a dead fish on the side of the road. These reports were crucial for me when I first started out because you can see others in a similar place that you’re at but still fighting on!
    • Secrets and tips. You can gain so much knowledge from reading about what other people did in the last month that either boosted their site or what flopped for their sight. You can take these little nuggets and apply them to your own strategy. 
    • Find trustworthy bloggers. It shows a lot about a blogger that is willing to share their working tactics and when they’re honest about failure.

I love blogging reports! They are so much fun to read and are truly encouraging that anybody literally anybody can be a great blogger!

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Now onto August’s goals

  • Reach 15,000 page views-Um no haha 151 views
  • Reach 5,000 monthly views on Pinterest and gain 300 followers– Half gained! I reached 6,500 views! Yay! and 101 new followers
  • Write 12 new blog posts– I got 9 finished with 2 more still in draft mode. Still proud of myself =) Below are all of last months post if you missed em:

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July 2018 Traffic Report

  • Create a freebie – Nope, if you have a request for something drop me an email!
  • Grow Instagram to 500 followers Not quite but I went from 72 to 115

Okay, so I didn’t grow my blog last month like I had wanted. To be honest I know why. I read this terrific article (which of course I can’t find the link to anymore. Enter annoyed face) but they were talking about people who set out goals but only goals that were worth 10% of their time. Now I know that I set huge goals but I did not set a huge amount of energy to achieve those goals. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of the work that I did but the problem is that when I was working I was only worried about the 10%, the easiest route! I thought that if I can get this little bit done then tomorrow I can make up for it. Never happened. 

So there ya have it! I’m the problem! I’m only giving 10% when I should be giving 5,000% No sugar coat, no excuses.

blogging income report camera book

My plan for next month? It is two-fold.

  1. PLAN. I found myself focusing and obsessing over one thing at a time for a few days on end. Blogging is not one project task. There are many from content writing, website management, social media, engagement, and I mean the list is endless!
  2. NUMBERS ARE OUT THE WINDOW. Well hanging out the window because I still have goals that I want to set BUT they can’t be my primary focus! I can’t get caught up in how many followers, sessions, users, or whatever keeps me distracted. Numbers are not my end goal, connecting with the actual people is my goal. That’s why I’ll be focusing on creating great content and engaging with the community this month and limit my look at numbers once a month.

Now onto this months goals

I’ll be sticking to what last months goals were primarily with a few additions =)

  • Reach 15,000 page views on the blog
  • Reach 15,000 monthly views and gain 300 followers on Pinterest
  • Write 13 new blog posts
  • Create a freebie and gain 300 subscribers
  • Grow Instagram to 500 followers
  • Make my first affiliate sale
  • Find more balance
  • Read 8 books

Now I already told how I plan on reaching these goals, content, engagement, and prayer!

Now some might look at my new goals and what I reached last month and think that maybe I don’t need to set such high goals but that would be living in the 10% and I deserve more than that! Therefore I will expect more of myself and refuse to settle for the 10% and you shouldn’t either! 

Tell me about your August goals. Seriously! I don’t care if they’re related to blogging or not! I just want to hear from you and lend you some encouragement =) 

blogging income reports

P.s. if you ever need prayer for anything, send me an email. You don’t have to be specific or even give any detail just let me know you need some prayer and you got it!

P.p.s. definitely check out this post if you want to see more blogging reports, Blogging Income Report Roundup 

P.p.p.s(don’t hate haha) don’t forget to pin this!



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