May reading suggestions


5 book suggestions

Holy cow! I can’t believe that June is already here! Please tell me that May flew by for everyone and not just me? I have to say that I love the month of May, mostly because it’s my birthday month  =) but not only is it mine but I share it with 5 other family members! So yeah, May is usually pretty busy for me plus it was graduation time! I did manage to find some reading time and got through three books, even with family coming in and trying to soak up as much of that time as I could get! Anyway below are the books that I got through:

5 book suggestions


The Wood by Chelsea Bobulski; page count 310


5 book suggestions


Caraval by Stephanie Garber; page count 402


5 book suggestions

And Winter by Marissa Meyer; page count 824


Oh and I got a schooch further in IT by Stephen King but only by 20 pages or so.

That’s a combine total page count of 1,556.

Like I said I didn’t get through as many books as I had wanted. Going into June my goal is to get 6 books read and I’m going to up my everyday reading to get in at least 75 pages a day! It seems like so much and so little at the same time! Let me know how you try to meet your reading goals!


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