Cheer yourself up: 35 different ways to kick the blues

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Ever get a little down? Feeling blue? Want something to help keep your mind off it? Take a peak of the following 35 things that are in no particular that I’ve used several times in my past to help bat the sadness away!

boost your spirits

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    1. Drink some water! I have this theory that correlates to being hangry but it’s when your thirsty instead and we all know how important it is to drink water and how seldom we actually get as much water as we need
    1. Take a walk
    1. Try yoga
    1. Eat some chocolate
    1. Play with puppies or kittens
    1. Enjoy a hot beverage. Coffee or tea or caramel apple cider 🙂
    1. Scream it out.
    1. Enjoy a silly show or movie-I recommend Gilmore Girls, Friends, Parks and Rec, Brooklyn 99 and for movies, I love Thirteen going on Thirty, Because I said so, or Monster-in-law
    1. Color in a coloring book
    1. Bake or cook. your preference 🙂
    1. Dance really silly
    1. Go to a local shelter and play with some puppies or cats
    1. Bake
    1. Sit in the sunshine
    1. Sing along to music
    1. Take a scenic drive
    1. Sit in a library or bookshop
    1. Do a DIY mask
    1. Take a mood-lit bath
    1. Write a frustrated letter and destroy it
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    1. Read a book
    1. Watch funny youtube videos
    1. Find inspiring quotes
    1. Take tiny family members out to the movies or park, such as cousins, nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, etc
    1. Start a blog 🙂
    1. Take a shower
    1. Wash all your bedding-Not much beats going to bed on just washed sheets
    1. Find street art around your city
    1. Reorganize your closet
    1. Make a gratitude list
    1. Recite positive affirmations
    1. Pray
    1. Ask for pray-Lots of places will accept anonymous prayer requests
    1. Try making coffee in a new ways-french press, pour overs etc.
  1. explore Netflix and find a new show

What do ya think? Which was your favorite or is your favorite thing missing? Let me know!

boost your spirits


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