3 ways to keep skin hydrated


Why is it so important to have hydrated skin? Well, let me tell you!

Gotta keep your skin hydrated

Hydrated skin is going to protect against UV radiation better due to Hyaluronic Acid which helps retain water and builds that barrier protective barrier

Hydrated skin is going to fight against wrinkles and premature aging

Hydrated skin appears healthier because it’s more supple and plumper

So now let’s talk about keeping your skin hydrated and obviously drinking water comes to mind.  Drink, drink, drink water! Check out these recipes that help people stay hydrated!

Yummy Water

Detox Water

Hydrating Water

Now in addition to drinking water having a good skincare routine is key.

Let’s start with the morning routine

I suggest that you never wash your face first thing cause when you’re sleeping your skin develops natural oils that that help with that skin barrier that we were talking about earlier

Now if you feel like you need a little something just to wipe the sleep off use will use a gentle toner or a spritz of rose water!

Next are the fun hydration products that I love! This one moisturizer from L’Oreal is perfect for just waking up first thing in the morning it’s light, fresh and clean! I also notice that it helps reduce redness on my face. Give it a try! I noticed a difference after just one use.

Be sure to not forget about the skin around your eyes! The skin underneath is so sensitive that I recommend using a specially formulated eye cream. Other moisturizers can be irritating to the skin around your eye because the ingredients are too strong. I love this one from Neutrogena! Back to keeping skin hydrated this gel-based product has its first ingredient as water plus olive extract to keep the skins Hyaluronic Acid optimum.

Lastly, I always make sure that I definitely put on a hydrating sunscreen! Preventative care is the best care! That’s why you should always put on sunscreen and do your best to have sun coverage. The sun can basically dry out your hyaluronic skin barrier and leave you open to getting skin cancer and premature aging! Not good, so wear sunscreen daily!

That’s it for first thing in the morning! It doesn’t take a complicated routine!

And finally, we come to the nighttime routine

This is the routine that I like to use to get my skin ready for sleep and to prepare to keep its hydration.

Wash my face to get rid of any of the small bit of makeup left but also get rid of the pollution and dirt that could’ve gotten onto my face. Preferably with a light cleanser like this one here and with a small facial sponge. This also helps boosts collagen production!

Next implementing the Seven skin method check out this post to know more!

Putting on a serum, which can change depending on the day’s events. I’ll usually use a hydrating serum like this one or this is one of my other favorites. 

A slightly thicker moisturizer and I really like this one from Formula 10.0.6 and it’s also going to help to keep my skin from premature aging and also something that’s going to help reduce the redness like this one! I love this one because blackcurrant is a crazy good anti-aging agent and licorice root which is what helps even skin tone and reduce redness. It’s also been known to help with age spots and scars.

Don’t forget to keep your eye area! I’ll apply a retinol cream to keep crows feet away and I’ve been using the same Neutrogena hydro boost but these others are great too! 

Email me your tips on how you keep hydrated and your favorite hydrating products!

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