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Must have wordpress plugins

PLUGINS…either ya love em or ya hate em. Am I right? I personally like using them. I have found them to make my life a lot easier! Especially if it’s something that has to do with coding. I’m not very savvy in that department and every time I have to deal with it, it’s a three hour process and I lose handfuls of hair! Thus, I’ve compiled a list of plugins that have been my favorite for 2018.

Akismet Anti-Spam

One for your peace of mind. It says it all in the title and it used by thousands. One thing that I love is that it filters out spammy comments automatically so that readers aren’t put off. Another thing is that it legitimizes URLs so no one is lead to a sketchy site. I currently only use the free version but they do offer a paid service which are great for commercial sites. 

Disqus for WordPress

This is my commenting system. I’ve seen it on so many other blogs which is why I looked into it in the first place because I thought that if these successful bloggers use it then there has to be something to it! I haven’t found a single thing that doesn’t work for me or readers. 

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

There is a reason that this plugin is recommended as one of the first things you do after started a blog. Your stats! It tracks everything for your site for when readers are on your site, how long they’re on your site, what directed them, and which pages are the most popular just to name a few awesome things. 

Jetpack by WordPress.com

Jetpack is the second most recommended plugin for your site for its protection. Jetpack does a daily sweep to check for attacks and backs up the site, which are the main reason I use it for but Jetpack offers marketing and design functions as well!

Pinterest Pin It Button

Pretty self-explanatory because everybody loves Pinterest and you want to make sure that your readers can pin your posts! 

Really Simple SSL

Like Jetpack does for our protection in the site, this does for our readers. You know that little lock in your URL? This shows your readers that your site is safe for them to visit! They can trust that none of their info is going to get stolen and leaked to the unsavory sort. 

TinyMCE Advanced

I don’t know about you but I like to have more freedom with my post content such as font size. This plug allows you to do that! It doesn’t take up much room either!

Yoast SEO

Alright, this is my last one but not my least! It’s essential especially for bloggers who want to monetize. It helps you go through your post to find the best SEO, search engine optimization, which helps google find posts that readers might be searching for! Cool, huh?? It also helps your readability so your post gets its most potential to engage readers. Again so cool!! 

Where are my fellow bloggers at? Tell me how you feel about plugins and what your current favs are!

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