20 affirmations to become stronger

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Hey babe! 

Have you ever felt so small that you were worried that someone could simply blow and you’ll float away? Scarier still, is that no one would even notice? 

It’s not a good feeling! As a matter a fact, IT SUCKS!! 

If only we could get everyone to always be kind and treat their words so carefully that they only ever build someone up instead of tearing them down! 

Sadly, life is just not that kind. 

So it’s up to us to become stronger! Strong enough to handle anything that someone could throw our way. 

Thankfully the Lord has given us every advantage to do just that!

And I can fully attest to that! 

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I’ve been known to be a touch oversensitive. It’s something that I believe stems from my anxiety, because it doesn’t matter if someone says something to me even in a joking way, if it’s not overly positive than I’m questioning everything and overthinking what they said. 

Scenarios are erupted and I question everything! 

And the spiraling begins!

So I’ve really been trying to focus on creating a stronger me! 

Someone who can overcome her anxiety and reach her goals without letting little comments get the way! 

What does it mean to become stronger?

A little fair warning!

Becoming stronger does mean that we become harder or stern. 

In fact, it simply means that we’ll have the ability to become the bigger person and not allow the hatred of this world to get the better of us. 

It also means that when someone attacks us verbally, we can still stand tall and proud knowing that their words don’t mean anything. 

So when I say let’s become stronger, I don’t mean becoming a big ol’ b*tch but someone who knows her worth and can still react with love.

How can I become stronger? 

Here at this blog, we love affirmations!! This is not the first time I’ve talked about it and it won’t be the last time that’s for sure! 

I love how powerful affirmations are! 

How simple of a tool they are! 

And I love how quickly they work! 

To understand more on why I LOVE affirmations so much, head here!

If you’re not sure what affirmations are, affirmations are words that you speak over yourself to empower or re-educate yourself. 

Affirmations are used to overcome challenges and obstacles that we’ve set up in our own heads! 

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How to use affirmations to become stronger

Today, I’m sharing with you the affirmations that I’ve worked into my everyday routine. 

These affirmations are what I use in the morning or anytime I need some encouragement. 

What I always do is when I’m doing my makeup in the morning, I’ll repeat

three affirmations to myself in the mirror, then as I’m going through my

morning devotion, I’ll write down three more, and finally I’ll type a

few into my phone to look at when I’m going about my day and feel like I

could use some extra encouragement.

20 affirmations for strength

1 // I am strong

2 // I am enough for the life that I want

3 // What other people say about me doesn’t matter 

4 // I can do this on my own 

5 // I deserve respect and I will walk away from those who don’t give me respect 

6 // I will not quit

7 // This upset will not break me

8 // I will walk in on my own and KILL IT

9 // I choose to be strong 

10 // I am worthy

11 // This struggle will not define me

12 // I am capable of doing hard work 

13 // I will get it done

14 // I was made for this

15 // I will prove them wrong 

16 // I’ll make this day and myself proud

17 // I have the strength to do this

18 // Christ is powerful enough to get me through this

19 // People will see my strength 

20 // My weaknesses do not define me

There are A LOT more than just these 20 that are out there but these ones in particular have really been helping me!

I hope they can help you as well! 

Either way affirmations are an amazing tool to be able to use to rewire your thinking and reach those goals that you’ve been chasing. 

Whether those are physical, mental, or emotionally fueled! 

How do you plan on using affirmations?? Let me know in the comments! And don’t forget that sharing is caring! 

With lots of love, 


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